A New Year Or Just Another Year

A New Year or just Another Year – same challenges and lessons in different wrapping; same organization and position with an adjusted objective; more expectations with proportionally less resources; same family members? Same old?

Some start this year at a different place with different people, or with a different opportunity. I wish you well. But read on as I trust this article will benefit you too.

Most of us return to the same place and around the same people we said good bye to a few weeks ago. If this is the case, how do you make the year significantly different and better? How do you take life to the next level? You aren’t going to change the place, the people or even the responsibilities. I hope my suggestions are slightly different as the same advice over and over can become annoying.

Truth is, what you have most control over is your attitude; how you perceive and approach this relatively same set of circumstances. Here are at least 12 suggested steps on how to change your “same world” and make this your Best year yet:

1. Start with yourself. See who you are, differently. Embark on a conscious journey of self discovery. Find your “Best Self” (we call it your deepest “I”) inside and commit consciously to remaining true to this discovery. Believe me, even if you know yourself there is always more to discover, infinitely so. It is simply a question of how and this how goes beyond psychometric assessments into the intuitive realm.

2. Align your vision, purpose and goals with this Best Self you committed to.

3. Start seeing the same people around you differently, through different eyes. As you do steps 1 & 2 effectively it will help. When you truly start seeing yourself differently you must and will start seeing others differently. Now your world is already changing. Lets continue.

4. Help those around you to also go on this journey of self discovery – formally or informally; consciously or subconsciously. In a way become the teacher or facilitator because the teacher/facilitator learns most.

5. Start all or most days by investing in yourself. First, remind yourself of that Best Self and his/her goals. If you don’t do this you will default back to your old self and the self absorbed world around you will infiltrate your new world. Second, exercise. Third, meditate, pray, do what you need to for a few minutes to connect not only with your Best Self but something, someone higher than you. Fourth, record your experiences, thoughts and feelings in a journal. The power of keeping a journal cannot be over stated. Search on google and you will discover research that corroborates this.

6. No matter what your beliefs currently are, embrace the universal truth that the universe is set up in such a way that all of us are always accountable to a higher power above us. Follow the trail up the ranks and there is always someone “above” you – formally or informally. It could be a manager; your CEO; your board; your customers; shareholders. Even the President of the USA is accountable to a higher power. If you continue this logic then there has to be a higher power that most call God. And let’s stop there for the purposes of this article. Connect with this higher power. If you really do this it will and must change your life for the better because it keeps the sense of accountability alive no matter what success you achieve, and it means their is a much bigger picture, world and therefore potential for you. If you believe in God, strengthen this relationship. Make sure you become or remain spiritually fit.

7. No matter how well you follow the above six steps, you will experience off days. On those days, keep going with the above, but be patient with the fact that it does not lift you as high as other days. Try to embrace the lower moment because you have to experience this opposite in order to fully appreciate the new high that you are experiencing. Having said that, on such days, find moments to be in awe of small everyday things – the bird in flight; a baby; the miracle of oxygen; plants; nature; and so much more.

8. Connect with nature more regularly this year. Nature is authentic and assists you to remain close to your own authenticity, especially when you do it consciously. Visit me in the African Bush next to Kruger National Park for a deeply authentic growth experience. You know where to find me or mail me at adriaan@leadershipplatform.com

9. Regularly serve those that are less fortunate than you. This will sharpen your sense of gratitude and broaden your perspective. You will remain humble. The power of sincere service is indisputable.

10. Remember that no success can compensate for failure in the home.

11. Never believe your own press. In other words, as success comes and others sing your praises, “refuse to believe it”, even if it seems to be true.

12. Develop a new interest, skill.

May you have a Best year yet, as your Best Self. Imagine what would happen to an organisation or a country if employees, citizens showed up every day as their Best Selves? The return is incalculable.

I will be held accountable if I don’t tell you about our I-Confidence Model. It is in part our life’s work – 20 years of working with and interviewing leaders. It’s a process and journey that assists you (or your employees) with the above and develops authentic confidence, starting with discovering and developing ones Best Self.  Join Free Global Leadership Platform here and receive the podcast modules for free. This article explains more about GLP




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