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Be Aware Of The Concurrent Waves !

Leaders should strive to always be aware of “another side” to situations. In this article I share examples and will refer to the underlying principle as the “concurrent wave”. We became a democracy and many situations had to and still have to transform. Not only did we have to level the political playing field but […]

Opinion & Analysis
The “Establishment” Is Under Siege

The world in 2016 is very different from the world of twenty or fifty years ago. It is a breeding ground for dichotomies, including the latest trend of which leaders should be aware. There is a collective insurgence against establishment – systems, structures and ways of doing things. Because the world is in such a […]

The Law Of Resistance

Why is it so difficult to create movement – never mind successful movement? Remember, the law of movement says: All movement is governed by the integration of motivation, direction and structure. If you want positive movement (greater success) you need to ensure the following: Clarity of and passion for the source of the motivation Accurate and […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
The Value of Positive Momentum

Our mind and thoughts are continually bustling with a mixture of positive and negative feelings. It would seem that every positive decision seems to automatically trigger negative opposition along the way. At Leadership Platform we believe in the universal principle that all movement is accompanied by resistance. Consideration of possible negative consequences is central to […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Leadership and Management

The difference between management and leadership is often debated. The two terms are often transposed and may simply be a matter of semantics. From research and practical experience over the years we come to the following conclusion: Leadership kicks in when we ‘don’t know the answer’. By this we mean that as soon as a […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Madiba Strength

Let’s consider the age old analogy of someone wanting to build muscles in a gym: In order to increase strength and muscle size, one needs to lift, push, or pull weights.  Doing so causes the muscle to engage in a repetitive motion that ‘exercises’ it.  Strength and size comes as the tired muscle (after being […]

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