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Setting Scene Leadership transitions (LTs) are inherent to and critical passages in the career of any leader, e.g., from one requisite Level of Work to another; from one type of position/ role to another; or from one organisational function to another. A LT can be defined as the taking up of and engagement with a […]

Environmental confidence

Our environment is dominated recently by a tidal wave of political and social corruption that has seriously impacted on the mindset of our society. The trust deficit in our country has taken a huge further knock. Our attitudes towards our environment has in general become increasingly negative as well. The focus of this article is […]

Can People Really Change?

One of our readers responded to one of our articles and commented on the need to catch our youth early in order to train them in positive behavioural dynamics. Then he asked the question whether it is really possible for older people to change their behaviour? We will address that question today. Can people really […]

Recognising Failing Leadership   

Leadership is about mobilising stakeholders – converted into followers – to co-actualise shared, desired futures expressed as dreams (or visions), aimed at leaving behind lasting, worthy legacies. Leadership holds in their hands the fragile, precious hopes, fears, aspirations, and ideals of followers about the uncertain, unknown future, typing everyone together around a common destiny. The […]

The Gain Of Pain

It is the middle of the night. I have been sleeping restlessly after taking a hard fall earlier in the day in our church parking ground. I tripped coming off the pavement, and this ‘Old Man’ felt as if I was literally running into a brick wall. For a minute or so I was in […]

Leaders on Leadership
Actively Ridding Society Of Toxic Leaders

I am tired of toxic leadership in our society! At the same time I am passionate about authentic, great leadership that the world needs so desperately! Examples of successful and authentic leadership seem to dissipate daily. We see far too much in the way of toxic leaders that hog headlines and damage or destroy individuals, […]

Leaders on Leadership
A Warning To All Leaders

We have a huge challenge on our hands, as leaders and as a society at large. Fortunately no challenge exists without equal or greater opportunity. Two forces are at play. First, an economic, political and even social system that is failing or has already failed. All over the world our economic models – collectively speaking […]

Leaders on Leadership
Inspiring Each Other

Times are truly challenging, for small businesses, large corporates, state owned enterprises, government departments, families, individuals, all of us. And, we can expect it to get even more difficult. But this message is not about why and how it is going to become more difficult – we all sense this. It is about what we […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Our South African Leadership Heritage

Many readers of the Star Workplace Leadership Platform column are leaders who want to rise to their full potential and improve their leadership capacity. This is not an easy mission under circumstances in our country that seem to be filled to the brim with daily challenges, contradictions and obstacles. Environmental respect The development of exceptional […]

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