#ALC – Authentic Leadership Conversations

Dear Leadership Expert Colleague

I just launched #ALC – Authentic Leadership Conversations.

As background please read this article Leadership Revolution. We are entering very turbulent times and as always weak / toxic leadership is almost always to blame. I think #ALC is a positive contribution the Leadership Expert Community can make.

From where I sit there are two audiences I want to bring together. Top, visible leaders that are under immense pressure – politicians, sports coaches and captains of teams, CEO’s of businesses, and so on.

Then there is a Leadership Expert Community (LEC) by way of executive coaches, authors, consultants and former top leaders from whom the first community can learn a great deal.

So, as these top leaders engage new challenges or opportunities in their lives that impact millions of people, we mobilise the Leadership Expert Community (LEC) to give them advice via social media – with a Twitter town hall approach.

I simply start off by introducing for whom we hold an #ALC and that triggers the LEC to start sharing leadership advice freely, in an open, constructive, mature, honest, practical, positive and productive way. Any one from the LEC may propose an #ALC leader.

Every time someone tweets they add the hashtag #ALC and of course if the relevant leader has a twitter handle it should appear on the tweet as well. I might throw in some questions to spark conversation and you may do the same.

In this way we bring theory into practice by supporting top leaders and hopefully influencing them to become better Authentic Leaders.

An #ALC lasts an hour and if needed can be carried over. You share your professional views and join in on the conversation. In some cases we hope the top leader enters the mix. But sometimes they will just read and hopefully learn. If even that doesn’t happen we will still influence many other leaders to become better. And, if we as a LEC try to communicate good leadership practice to a top leader out there and he/she ignores it, we have at least made our message clear and public. We can say we tried. In so many of these high visibility cases – Donald Trump, Jacob Zuma, top CEO’s – we sense and see what leadership mistakes they make, but we can’t get to them, so let’s use social media.

But this initiative will not only be reactive. When a prominent leader is about to start a new responsibility we can once again activate the LEC with an #ALC to offer proactive leadership advice.

We do not get involved controversially or emotionally but attempt to give advice or guidance we would if we were their Coach.

You might join an #ALC and add an article you wrote that is relevant to the leader. You add to the conversation as you see fit.

Some Leadership Experts may shy away from this “out there” approach, and that’s fine. But we need to get our expertise to flood the world much faster as it seems Authentic Leadership is being over taken by toxic leadership.

In summary, #ALC is: Mobilising the Leadership Expert / Coaching Community to hold Authentic Leadership Conversations (ALC) for top leaders in an open, constructive, mature, honest, practical, positive and productive way – supporting these leaders with leadership advice in their challenges and / or opportunities.

Listen to our conversation about #ALC on CliffCentral here.

Please support this bold initiative for the good of Authentic Leadership, for our world and future generations.


Kind Regards,

Adriaan Groenewald

Authentic Leadership Activist





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