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Julius Sello Malema – A Leader To Watch

While describing the importance of seeing the big picture in today’s complex world to leaders of a large mining house, I used the opportunity to emphasise that most of their employee base either follow Julius Sello Malema or watch him with keen interest, which means it would be wise for them to understand him – […]

Leaders on Leadership
Hard-hitting open letter to Julius Malema

Cape Town – Ex-convict and president of the Patriotic Alliance Gayton McKenzie said Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema is “the biggest thief I ever met”. The letter in full: Dear Julius Malema, I wronged people in this country two decades ago when I took part in heinous crimes. I have been trying to repay […]

Zuma and Malema – One-on-One Leadership

During a two and a half hour in depth conversation with me recently, Julius Malema made the following statement: “I was elected last year in June, after serving the first three years. There’s never been an interaction between me and President Zuma, just the two of us, for almost four years, on this or that […]

President Zuma and Malema – Leadership, Trust and Respect

At the heart of truly influential leadership lies trust and respect. Nowadays leaders are also called upon to be mentors and refined coaches of their people. Yet, mentoring and coaching cannot be successful or even attempted without the existence of high trust and respect. Why would one approach another for coaching or mentoring if one […]

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