Leadership Deficit

How to solve the worlds Leadership Deficit.

We have a severe leadership deficit that is not only an African, US or European problem but a global one. We can refer to various poll results and expert opinions to validate this statement. Or we can simply look at the collective political and economic decay to verify. But let’s be frank, we know we have a problem without needing to back our knowledge up with any of this.

How do we address it?

First we can’t do what we have been doing, because we know the definition of insanity. So we have to do something different.

Second, we have to somehow address this on a global scale.

Third, we must hit the sweet spot of positively impacting society, organizations and individuals. If we can get this right we stand a chance.

Before I suggest how we tackle this challenge, a question. Over the past decade or two, which types of businesses, business concepts have spread globally, virtually overnight? Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, WhatsApp…and others. Fortunately this trend of social media platforms expanding globally sets the stage for our solution.

Here is what we need to do:

  1. For society: We create a Global Leadership Platform (GLP) App that leverages the power of social media technology and functionality to focus on leadership and leadership priorities. Yes, we create a social media platform for all things leadership; to start a global conversation on/about leadership. This platform should be free. Like all other social media platforms one should register, create a profile and start participating. Social media changed our world forever. However, just perhaps we have come to a point where it’s general use is no longer enough. It is time to use its power in a focused manner, for greater good.
  2. For organizations: We adapt the power of a Global Leadership Platform App to focus the leadership conversation on organizational needs, leadership empowerment and priorities. But this adapted and customized version should somehow be linked to the societal platform to ensure we continue the global momentum and conversation towards healthier leadership. While corporate leadership definitely have it’s demons to deal with, in general great leadership exists within the business environment, so we need to pull the cream of the crop into this project.
  3. For the individual: We build into this platform a Personal Leadership Development Plan, so that individuals can manage – take ownership – of their own leadership development. And, so that organizations can partner with individuals (employees) to grow them as leaders that positively impact their organization and society. Most formal leadership development happens inside corporate where the financial resources exist. This is great. But we must do better and GLP should help by sustaining and improving these investments.
  4. Then we invest so aggressively in the above three steps and the overall platform that its functionality and reach link all things Leadership; all leaders; all leadership conversations; and all worthwhile leadership initiatives together to change the face of this planet through improved leadership.

I am ecstatic to announce that we have achieved steps 1-3 and we are now ready to explore step 4.

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