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Are our top political leaders – Pres Cyril Ramaphosa, Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema – perceived as Authentic individuals/leaders?

I ran a poll with this question asked of three political leaders and then one other – Pres Cyril Ramaphosa, Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema: How much of an Authentic Individual/Leader do you perceive (respective leader) to be? First, allow me to say something about why I did this, because in South Africa ones motives […]

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The Quantum Leap Syndrome

Throughout history humankind has made quantum leaps into the future. In many cases such leaps have changed history for the better. Many examples of such ‘leaps’ can be mentioned such as FW de Klerk’s decision to release Nelson Mandela from Robin Island, such as the invention of the incandescent light bulb, the Internet, such as […]

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Honest Leadership = Authentic Leadership

We have a huge trust deficit in our country, or perhaps in society at large. Labour does not trust business; business does not trust labour; business and labour does not trust government; many employees do not trust management; and frankly far too many managers do not trust their employees; many of our compatriots do not […]


Dear All, Prof Theo H Veldsman, a regular participant in out monthly Leadership Master Class on the Leadership Platform, CliffCentral, has started a weekly blog series on leadership entitled MASTER OF THE LEADERSHIP UNIVERSE: Travel Guide for Leadership Excellence in the newly emerging order. The intention of the series is to address on a weekly […]

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We Need A Miracle!

I’m very passionate about South Africa, yet I am possessed by an equal measure of concern! What the hell is going on? Tshwane is burning because supposedly citizens are unhappy with the Mayoral candidate nominated by ANC leadership. Reaction defaults immediately to destructive violence instead of utilizing internal processes or even marching peacefully. What kind […]

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The “Establishment” Is Under Siege

The world in 2016 is very different from the world of twenty or fifty years ago. It is a breeding ground for dichotomies, including the latest trend of which leaders should be aware. There is a collective insurgence against establishment – systems, structures and ways of doing things. Because the world is in such a […]

South Africans, Which Wolf Are We Feeding?

I have so many questions in my mind as far as the student “uprising” is concerned. Here is one: Are the current events a reflection of what has been happening behind the scenes in our society over the last 20 years? For example, have parents been holding public conversations with a persona that was different […]

Message To Ministers Pravin Gordhan And Lindiwe Zulu

Dear Ministers Pravin Gordhan and Lindiwe Zulu As is the case with most governments across the world – certainly ours – its plans are paved with good intentions. Many well-meaning programs are initiated but when the real work starts unfortunately the wheels come off. The world of tenders is not all bad, despite many negative […]

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