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My Story – Back To Politics. Perhaps It’s Your Story Too?

In 1992/3 my late uncle General Tienie Groenewald was in the thick of the news. Not long before he went to the late General Constand Viljoens home to convince him to enter politics. They, with two other Generals, united most of the divided Afrikaner nation and potentially had the power to thrust SA into war. […]

Putting My Stake In The Ground

Some time back I was advised to stay clear of political matters as an opinion leader on leadership. It was suggested I should focus on leadership in general. Well, my conscience, the activist in me and my love of South Africa just does not allow me to do this. Over the past 20+ years I […]

Leader Profiles & Insights

Every day millions of individuals in positions of responsibility wake up and neglect to consciously remember that their first profession and duty is to be a leader and to lead. They neglect to continually remember the privilege of being in their position; how honoured and blessed they felt when it initially happened. They neglect to […]

Dear President Ramaphosa

Recently (13 May 2020) I watched you trying hard to appease this nation by actually addressing us, following an unprecedented outcry for it. I wanted to say: “He did it South Africa”. But I couldn’t, because something was missing. I wondered why you didn’t openly mention that you addressed us because of the outcry – […]

Leader Profiles & Insights
Are our top political leaders – Pres Cyril Ramaphosa, Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema – perceived as Authentic individuals/leaders?

I ran a poll with this question asked of three political leaders and then one other – Pres Cyril Ramaphosa, Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema: How much of an Authentic Individual/Leader do you perceive (respective leader) to be? First, allow me to say something about why I did this, because in South Africa ones motives […]

Leader Profiles & Insights
A Country Of Presidents

Are we (leader-managers) sleepwalking towards disaster? I had this epiphany-like question emerging in my mind whilst listening to Mr Trevor Manual addressing a hall filled with leaders at the recent Die Burger and Kaapstad Sakekamer Business Leader of the Year event. He prefaced this epiphany by referring to South Africa’s presidential oath and with an […]

Earning more is not easy

Most would agree to earn a lot of money in today’s world is not easy, and you need bundles of it to follow your dreams and secure your family’s financial future. To earn really well you either have to work your backside off in a large corporate to get to the top where few earn […]

Making Something From Nothing

As I go about my job of interviewing top leaders and experts, including futurists, it is very clear that in South Africa difficult economic times are upon us and projections are that it won’t improve much in the medium to long term. We are all sensing the reality of this. The tax burden is cumbersome; […]

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