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Leadership Platform is an organisation of Leadership Activists with a passion for transforming towards an EMPOWERED society – empowered individuals; empowered teams; empowered organisations – by multiplying Authentic Leaders and eradicating toxic leaders and behaviours!

To help achieve this EMPOWERED society of Authentic Leaders we generate authentic content by interviewing the best top leaders and experts in the fields of leadership and business. This content with supporting structures are then distributed in various ways.

We facilitate a weekly three hour slot on an “EMPOWERED” CliffCentral station that goes where the internet goes, called “Leadership Transformation Platform”, which at this stage takes the form of a Leadership Master Class, a Business Master Class, also directed at SME’s and a Youth Leadership Platform. These conversations transform into content on podcasts that are promoted aggressively via our partners and social media structures.

In today’s modern world it requires phenomenal leadership to transform towards an EMPOWERED society or organisation; hence we start the three hours with a high level, quality Leadership Master Class where we discuss universal leadership principles that EMPOWER and we interview successful individuals and top leaders who are mostly EMPOWERED themselves.

1.  Leadership Platform Services:

    • Assisting organisations to become more EMPOWERED – an Authentic Leadership Culture.
    • Assisting teams to become more EMPOWERED.
    • Assisting individual leaders to become more EMPOWERED – Authentic Leaders.

1.1          Assisting Authentic Leaders to create better movement towards an empowered self and team by becoming more leadership fit

    1. We empower leaders with daily Leadership Fitness thoughts via mobile or email
    2. We empower leaders with weekly Leadership Fitness messages via email
    3. We empower leaders with online tutoring
    4. We empower leaders with monthly Personal Leadership Conversations (PLC’s) or coaching where daily and weekly messages are made personal. This is also where we incorporate the weekly leadership master classes on ClifCentral into the conversations – so they listen to these in their own time

1.1.1      Leadership Fitness: 

               “Theory” session:

    • Share the theory of leadership fitness, movement dynamics, leadership as a first profession and the role of the weekly leadership master class on Cliffcentral
    • Approximately two and a half hours

                Daily Leadership Fitness Thought – daily consistency:                    

    • Leaders receive a daily short leadership fitness thought in their inbox
    • Attached is a short video clip on leadership, inspiration or a personal message by top leaders, experts and inspirational individuals like: Shameel Joosub CEO Vodacom; Mteto Nyati CEO MTN; Joey Evans (completed Dakar 2017 from being paralyzed 10 yrs ago); Peter Steenkamp Harmony Gold CEO; Sello Hatang CEO Nelson Mandela Foundation on Mandela leadership; Prof Theo Veldsman; James Ritchie a US businessman that retired early from 25 businesses; Wright Thurston from the US – a businessman and international speaker on leadership.
    • This daily thought puts the participants mind into leadership mode, or it inspires and motivates.
    • We encourage leaders to initiate conversation around the thought where possible.
    • Underneath the message is an encouragement for participants to make use of online tutoring, conversation.

                 Weekly Leadership Fitness Message – weekly consistency:

    • Every week participants receive a leadership message in the form of an article.
    • This brings leadership alive and ensures the leader spends a little bit more time on leadership than the daily thoughts

                 Personal Leadership Fitness Conversations (PLC’s) – monthly consistency:

    • This can happen in person every month, or via phone/skype where required (leaders that work in remote areas, and when the PLC Facilitator travels). It can be adapted according to need and circumstance
    • It is an hour conversation
    • Daily Leadership Fitness Thoughts and Weekly Messages can be discussed in these sessions – making the regular, consistent messages real, personal and practical
    • Organisational leadership expectations and values can also become part of these sessions, to make sure the personal leadership journey aligns with organisational requirements
    • Keep their minds ‘leadership fit’ by consciously and continually reflecting on the largest portion of their job – leadership
    • Online tutoring can also be used where cost is a challenge

                 Global Weekly Leadership Master Class – weekly consistency

    • Visit www.cliffcentral.com every Monday 12-1pm, listen on podcasts or download the App
    • It is all about conversation. Why? This is how relationships strengthen and participants discover, learn – rather than being told what great leadership is
    • We bring master class theory to the leaders laptop/phone
    • We place a top leader on the platform that brings the practicality of leadership to your laptop/phone
    • We bring international Thought Leaders to your laptop/phone
    • The content of these conversations find its way into daily thought, weekly message, personal and team conversations

 1.2  Movement dynamics – creating Practical Leadership Fitness in teams and organisation

    • One to two day session with a functional team – either to implement the movement dynamics or to “audit” how effectively the team is implementing it.
    • This part of the overall Leadership Fitness Programme is to either create expected movement where it is currently not happening, or to consciously multiply Movement Specialists inside the business on all levels, in order to establish a culture where leaders consciously and confidently create movement more consistently.
    • From hundreds of interviews and dealings with leaders we have concluded that the Destiny Chain process, if done correctly, is that process confident leaders use to successfully navigate, manage and simplify movement inside this ever moving complex environment. It activates the universal law of movement. We can now teach leaders to do this and thus turn them into movement specialists. We can actually institutionalize movement dynamics in your organisation. Results: More consistent successful movement and a positive legacy!

For more information on how we empower teams and your entire organisation contact us: info@leadershipplatform.com

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Leadership Platform is a specialist leadership development consultancy, focusing on creating measurable impact to the bottom line through the enhancement of leadership understanding and engagement.


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