COO of a listed company – responsible for approx 30 000 people

“I have attended many leadership courses during my career, but none of them focused on me personally. One on ones helped me to focus on personal leadership challenges in my work environment and to plan and become aware of the leadership journey that I have embarked on. It has not only added value to me personally but also to the business by virtue of leadership interactions with colleagues and my team.”

General Manager: responsible for approx 3000 people

“This journey helped me to consistently explore leadership and learn how leaders all over South Africa, from different industries, are facing their challenges. By gaining this insight, I was able to enhance my leadership skills and also develop as a person. The insight that Adriaan has gained from speaking to a different spectrum of leaders is invaluable. Unfortunately it will be impossible to capture or condense all these insights in a lecture or a book. Adriaan has developed a “leadership database” which he applies very effectively to suit the needs of his clients during the fitness journey. Due to the vast experience he has gained from South Africa’s leadership hub he can assist leaders to develop further no matter where they are on their leadership journey. On a personal note the conversations I had with Adriaan has assisted me in understanding what my real potential is and also what my responsibilities are towards mankind and more specifically South Africa.“

HR Director

We found the experience to be a very effective tool in our efforts to become very profitable leaders. As our company is reaching new heights, getting bigger and becoming more of a challenge to manage, a lot of conflicts often come up.

Many business leaders today opt not to confront sensitive issues because of fear of the possible reactions from others. However, the results of not dealing decisively with these issues are forgotten, leading into even more disastrous situations. Our past shows that we paid dearly for not dealing with these issues head-on.

Today we boast having successes in solving the most complex situations at various levels in the company. It has come out clear in many sessions where the taught models were applied that most problems are a result of unprocessed negative feelings and these are sometimes not even a reality. Minimising the points of contention helps the leadership focus on profitability as opposed to fighting endless fires.

The Conco Management Team wishes to thank Leadership Platform for providing the tools that have helped us become profitable leaders.

General Manager: responsible for approximately 2500 people

“My self-awareness as leader improved. Some things come automatically to seasoned leaders but for me the journey helped me focus on deliberately practicing to develop myself in certain leadership aspects.

I have seen this process having a greater impact than reading a book; books are very good but conversations give opportunities to interrogate and discuss practicalities. It’s easier to pick one or two things to go and practice from a conversation than from reading.

The conversations have helped me to think “leader” more in my interactions with people, even in these difficult times when one is tempted to be abrasive and intolerant. It has even become easier for me to have relaxed, informal leadership conversations with my people.

I think more importantly my sincerity and openness as leader has developed. When you speak it you tend to want to live it more and more. It becomes “alive” in your mind and in your actions.

I think to really know the impact of the leadership journey one must experience it. Because its outcomes are better observed than heard, or read about.”


“The journey has provided a platform of facilitated guidance and introspection that has proved extremely valuable to me and my leadership journey. The more informal nature of the conversation and my personal comfort with Adriaan has allowed a very deep sense of honesty and truth-telling which has made the conversations even more meaningful. I have found the process to be more sincere and less threatening than a traditional Coaching environment and the use of real leaders and examples has allowed me a deeper, more real understanding of leadership.

My measure of the worth of these sessions has been two-fold: Have I taken something away from each session and did I look forward to every interaction. On both counts my response would be a very firm “Yes”.”

General Manager: responsible for approx 2000 people

“The most important aspect that I have gained is the fact that after or during a typical one on one, it made me think about the issues that were discussed. Under normal circumstances, I am so busy & become so engrossed in the normal day to day running of the business, that I spend no time thinking about these issues. With PLC’s it is almost as if I am forced to stop, remove myself from my routine & take a look from the outside in.

I have also found that a lot of the aspects discussed are applicable to my personal life too.”


“The benefits for me are multi-faceted because the journey cover areas of Leadership behaviour and thinking styles, appropriate “models” that create movement for an organisation, real engagement “moments” with senior leaders from various organisations one can learn from. Our conversations helped develop my own personal style and assist in self-reflection in my current role and possible future direction I might take within my current organisation.

Another key aspect of the journey for me is the creation of that “time” for me as a leader to reflect on myself with you and share readings / learnings from others that will stand me in good stead in future. Without the leadership conversations I believe I would probably just be “managing more”.”

CEO: Large Retail Company

“One on ones are a comfortable, “safe” place for me to explore and be guided through leadership concepts. They help me to understand what might be more or less applicable, prompt me to look for opportunities to test them and challenge some of the perceptions I have of myself and my own leadership journey.  They are part mirror, part guide and part sounding board.  I find that their value is directly proportionate to the input and focus I bring to them, and this sometimes includes pre planning, as well as the honesty with which I approach them.  Their value grows as Adriaan understands me better, and as I understand him better.  It is very much a two way conversation; if dominated by either party the value is diminished.”

Managing Director

Since the introduction and coaching of Leadership Platform which taught me the universal elements of profitable leadership, it not only turned my life around, but changed the culture within the company. It has given us a structure and process to confidently multiply profitable leadership as well as establish a profitable leadership culture.

It has given us the confidence to confront any situation or attitude in a mature manner no matter how big or small, because we are confident, believe and trust the process which we follow. It made us realise if we want to grow as profitable leaders and as a profitable organization, to evaluate, re-evaluate and constantly follow up the situation by using the taught models.

I always thought that I was a good leader, but realise now there is a difference between a good leader and a profitable leader.

General Manager: responsible for approx 5000 people

“The articles from Adriaan were a tool for me to learn and see how others have made it successfully. Last year was an extremely tough year for me and my Team and I often used the articles and mails to refocus myself on what is needed and not to let emotional thoughts overrule the mind. I also used it to prevent myself from falling into the “negative” trap that lures around every corner.

The one on one sessions for me were an opportunity to talk to someone outside mining on leadership and gave me an opportunity to bounce off ideas and views. I honestly think that this journey will continue to have a positive effect in my career as well as personal life. It has certainly made an IMPACT on my leadership style. Myself and the Team remains committed and focused to reach our leadership destiny.”

Director: responsible for a business with approx 2 Billion rand turnover

“The leadership journey has helped me in two ways:

To think in this space, about leadership and more importantly about my leadership. It has helped me be clearer on what leadership means and more importantly in applying it.

Being able to talk openly about leadership. You have a wealth of experience in this space which was very evident from our interactions. More so you were able to give such great perspectives on leadership, both the principles and any questions I may have had. Your objectivity made me feel comfortable to open up and have the conversation that quite frankly doesn’t happen in the work place.”

General Manager: responsible for approx 3500 people

“As you might be aware I was initially not eager to be part of the process. I was under the impression that this was an attempt to change my management style and my feeling at the time was that I was not prepared to change my style.

Now I can honestly say that I enjoyed it. I never got the impression that Adriaan wanted to change me or my way of looking at things but I must confess I did change.

During the one on one sessions I found the discussions as to how other leaders do it very rewarding. After each of the sessions I left with something useful.

I am not going to attempt to list all the positive things that I got out of the journey, one on one sessions, weekly e-mails and so on. I will however say that I benefited greatly from that.”

General Manager: responsible for approx 3000 people

“The One-on-one sessions were the MOST valuable as I could share experiences with him and likewise from himself where his interviews with great leaders could be shared in order to “take stock” and where appropriate, use that which was shared to improve oneself.

His Leadership knowledge was great and I made the MOST of “milking” him for as much as I could; at times I would create scenarios and get him to share his views with me as to how he would see it from a Leadership perspective.

Adriaan meant a lot to me during our sessions and I would recommend him to anyone or even to assist us to move further towards our Leadership Destiny. “

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