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Lessons Learnt From Gareth Cliff Spectacle

Any outstanding leader cannot stomach being surrounded by leaders who are weak and don’t speak their mind, or are not willing to go out on a limb and say what needs to be said for the good of the organisation, even at the risk of offending colleagues around the boardroom table. A leader that tolerates or […]

Why Gareth Cliff Is A %$#&@ And Why You Are Too!

Two interesting things have happened as people have heard that I am involved in a small way in Gareth Cliff’s new venture: I have received a massive spike in messages, phone calls, and Facebook friend requests from people who previously didn’t give me the time of day. Fortunately, along with these, there are also […]

Gareth Cliff Shapes A New Kind Of Follower

On 18 July 2013 my leadership session with the leader of a large law firm was interrupted because he needed to go down to the lobby of their building to lead his colleagues in holding hands for Nelson Mandela, for 67 seconds. Of course they followed what seemed to be the rest of South Africa in […]

Chad Le Clos and Coach – A Winning Leadership Formula

According to Graham Hill, Head Coach of SA Swimming and Personal Coach for Olympic Gold medalist Chad Le Clos, his achievement was absolute destiny! He explains: “Two years ago at the Dubai World Short Course, Chad races in the first race of the meet, a four hundred medley, he finishes fifth. Three days later he […]

Bridgitte Hartley – Kayak Sprint Olympic Bronze Medalist

On a positive and inspirational note, I had the privilege of sitting down with our lovely Bridgitte Hartley, to many a surprise Olympic bronze medalist in the Kayak sprint event. She is the first South African woman to achieve an Olympic medal on National Woman’s Day.  Though she was made aware of the fact that […]

Dr Stephen Covey Leaves a Legacy

This past week Dr Stephen R Covey, author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, ‘Principle-Centered Leadership’, and many other books, passed away at the age of seventy nine. He has no doubt affected many of your lives positively. I have had the privilege of spending some time with him and was more impressed […]

Natalie Du Toit – Sports Icon and Leader

At a time when many leaders are faced with extraordinary challenges throughout the world, and considering the upcoming Olympics, we thought it appropriate to place this article about one of our sports icons, Natalie Du Toit. Many of us know that as a talented swimmer and 17 year old matriculant, who almost qualified for the […]

Gareth Cliff

Controversial Gareth Cliff is the presenter of a national morning drive-time show on radio. Until recently he appeared on the most popular M-Net show Idols twice a week. He has almost 200 000 friends on Facebook (this is huge); he is bright with a broad general knowledge; very opinionated; and he is only 33 years […]

Gary Player – Golf Icon and Leader Part Two

Gary Player believes, “the way you judge great men in the world are people that have suffered and have love, like Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa.” As I mentioned in last week’s article, having love in one’s heart with no energy to share it can be counterproductive and quite possibly depressing. Player works […]

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