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A Country Of Presidents

Are we (leader-managers) sleepwalking towards disaster? I had this epiphany-like question emerging in my mind whilst listening to Mr Trevor Manual addressing a hall filled with leaders at the recent Die Burger and Kaapstad Sakekamer Business Leader of the Year event. He prefaced this epiphany by referring to South Africa’s presidential oath and with an […]

Leader Profiles & Insights
Leadership Knows No Gender

 We have spent much time analyzing leaders from all walks of life on our Leadership Platform. While it is risky to generalize, women seem to have a greater predisposition than men to be sensitive to the needs of others, and to foster nurturing environments because of their socialisation. Not that men can’t be that way […]

Where Have All Our Leaders Gone?

Now, more than ever before in the history of our global community, we are seeing our current leaders struggling under the pressures of a dynamic, ever moving environment. We see the practice of “reactive leadership”, which is really another term for “management”, but seemingly not the visionary, proactive leadership every human being on the planet […]

Why Was Medtronic Voted the Best Company to Work For in 2012?

Medtronic is the world’s largest stand-alone medical technology company with a global reach that extends to 120 countries, 45,000 employees, and includes net sales of over $16 billion for the 2012 period.  Knowing only this about them, we can already begin to understand what kind of leaders they insist on having in their organisation to […]

Elizabeth Zambonini – CEO The Hope Factory

Every so often we come across what we term a SHARP leader.  This is a leader that demonstrates high levels of maturity in their abilities and attitude towards sharing what they have, respecting those around them, and ensuring performance takes place. Elizabeth Zambonini is a SHARP leader! We felt a real sense of this during […]

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