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A Once In A Life Time Leadership Experience In The Authentic African Bush – For You And Your Family #OnceInALifetimeExperience

You are already a successful leader. Yet, you have felt a prompting for a while now to take your leadership to the next level, for yourself, your current position, for society at large and for your family. However, you struggle to find that valuable time due to a current demanding lifestyle. And perhaps you don’t […]

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How To Change

Do current leadership development programs change people? Some of the vexing questions in leadership development programs of today are: How can we ensure it is relevant in today’s world? Will the programme adequately equip our leaders to deal with the onslaught of challenges and unique issues of our business? How do we change behaviour of […]

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The Quantum Leap Syndrome

Throughout history humankind has made quantum leaps into the future. In many cases such leaps have changed history for the better. Many examples of such ‘leaps’ can be mentioned such as FW de Klerk’s decision to release Nelson Mandela from Robin Island, such as the invention of the incandescent light bulb, the Internet, such as […]

Is The ANC South Africa’s Best Option?

To all South Africans – black and white – supporting the ANC, as opposed to the DA or EFF, is perhaps the shortest route to a more successful South Africa…if only it was that simple though. This stark reality dawned on me once again during a recent conversation with a respected business leader. It is […]

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Why Leadership Development Has Failed The World!

Myself, Prof Theo Veldsman of UJ and Rich Simmonds debated with a very exclusive audience that included CEO’s, HR Executives and Leadership Practitioners at Leaderex why leadership development has failed the world, and what should be done about it. We also discussed this on CliffCentral.com,  Obviously not all development programmes fail or have failed, but […]

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The ‘First Generation Executive’ Conundrum

This article appeared in the Institute of Directors SA magazine, Directorship, and comprises of the views, thoughts, and feelings of their newly appointed Chair, Venete Klein. [divider] Young people entering the business world today need training, development and mentoring to succeed. They also need their companies to give them a chance to demonstrate their capabilities. […]

Opinion & Analysis
Leadership at Home and in School

Recently a colleague sent me a newsletter from a school in Johannesburg in which they addressed the issue of leadership in schools.  The newsletter was very interesting, the content in great part addressing the belief that Leadership Platform has always upheld that the family is the first “school of leadership” and that if we fail […]

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