Author: Adriaan Groenewald

The Uncomfortable Space Leaders Are In And What To Do

Do you believe that you were prepared for this exact moment in time; that destiny somehow brought you to this point so that you may lead your people and organisation through extremely turbulent times? Of late I have had interesting conversations with top leaders. They are in an uncomfortable space, to state it kindly. Millions […]

Learning & Development
Leadership Training Before And After COVID-19

For the past 20 years we have been interviewing top leaders for various media platforms, from Presidents to CEO’s to many social influencers. In 2019 however we went on a crusade of interviewing leadership experts and authors on just about every continent of the planet, via Zoom. Our search was about the state of leadership […]

Leadership Development after COVID-19 must be different…

Warning: This comprehensive article is only for leaders and organisations that are unequivocally committed to the need for leadership development to successfully change behavior. If that’s what you want or need for yourself or your organization then please read on… Also, read on if you are comfortable challenging the way we used to do leadership […]

Dear President Ramaphosa

Recently (13 May 2020) I watched you trying hard to appease this nation by actually addressing us, following an unprecedented outcry for it. I wanted to say: “He did it South Africa”. But I couldn’t, because something was missing. I wondered why you didn’t openly mention that you addressed us because of the outcry – […]

Thinking And Leading On A Whole New Level

Most leaders sense, even know they have to lift their game substantially; start thinking and leading on another level entirely, at a faster pace than ever before. Life and the world we lead in is and will be very different from now on, because of COVID-19. Whether we got it right or not; whether this […]

A New Year Or Just Another Year

A New Year or just Another Year – same challenges and lessons in different wrapping; same organization and position with an adjusted objective; more expectations with proportionally less resources; same family members? Same old? Some start this year at a different place with different people, or with a different opportunity. I wish you well. But […]

Leaders on Leadership
The Most Important Ingredient

The most important ingredient for the recipe of great leadership, especially in today’s VICCAS – Variety, Interdependent, Complex, Changing, Ambiguous, Seamless – world is “Authentic Confidence”, which is more than just confidence or self-confidence. It sounds so simplistic, but it’s not. It is simple though. You have to lead yourself towards Authentic Confidence…successfully. A faked […]

Why Organisations Come Crashing Down When Leaders Leave?

Is it simply a matter of succession planning gone wrong? Is this about the current leader’s failure, the incumbent’s lack of credibility or inability to transition fast enough, a weak organisational culture? Or is there more to this vexing question of why organisations, divisions, branches, political parties struggle when a leader leaves? When you think […]

A Global Leadership Platform, For A Global Leadership Fitness

Dear World I am an insignificant person in one small corner of the earth.  Like you I recognize things are not right and I am deeply alarmed; something is going horribly wrong around us.  Because I am in the Leadership space and have been interviewing top leaders for almost 20 years, my subjective assessment was […]

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