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Tag: Respect

Recognising Failing Leadership   

Leadership is about mobilising stakeholders – converted into followers – to co-actualise shared, desired futures expressed as dreams (or visions), aimed at leaving behind lasting, worthy legacies. Leadership holds in their hands the fragile, precious hopes, fears, aspirations, and ideals of followers about the uncertain, unknown future, typing everyone together around a common destiny. The […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours

The other day I was impressed with the following thought: ‘It is not so much differences in opinion that is hurting our country, but differences in respectfulness.’’ For some time now I have been intending to write something about the universal value of respectfulness and this is now probably a good time to do so. […]

Integrity: It Is Who We Are That Matters

Whilst having a conversation with someone recently, the topic turned to leadership and what we do here at Leadership Platform.  She shared that she was a little frustrated with us because we are always saying that we believe all people to be leaders, but then seem to only feature big name leaders from big name […]

Quantum Leap Of Reputation Management

By using the principles of quantum physics in your business and life, the possibilities for achievement and growth are limitless. Considering the key principles of quantum theory, is your business a wave, or a particle, or both? Are your thoughts linear, or bouncing bits of intuition and creativity? Old paradigm thinking is still the basis […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
The Roots Of Seamless Leadership

ecent conversations with top leaders on the recent three weekly Leadership Platform Shows on CliffCentral illuminated various attributes that leaders need in order to be successful in the modern environment, especially in South and the rest of Africa. From our experience books can be written on each of the attributes mentioned in the list below. […]

Phiri, RBPlatinum and Montoedi, NUM – A Leadership Coup

A few weeks ago I wrote about the protracted and damaging platinum strike and declared this: “It seems this strike is unprecedented and smells not only of egos and extraordinary hunger for power, but also leadership and societal failures that stems, in large measure from our mining and even political history.” My conclusion at the […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
The High Road Of Respect

To respect others is the high road in leadership. It is generally acknowledged in our country that we have great need to embrace a culture of mutual respect. Most of us will probably agree that we should cultivate respect for the dignity and potential of all our citizens, irrespective of race, economic standing, and disability. […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
The Leadership X Factor of “Office”

This article is the second in the leadership X Factor series. The first was the Attitude Leadership X Factor. Leadership X Factors are significant attributes of leadership that move mountains and barriers to potential. They are the ‘something special’ attributes of exceptional leaders. The term ‘office’ as used in the article is a synonym for […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Leaders of Steel

While sitting down regularly in personal leadership conversations with leaders I am impressed with those amongst them who have the ability to draw trust and respect from their employees. In fact, the degree to which they perform well as leaders is directly commensurate with the trust and respect they enjoy, especially with those who report […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
The Imperative of Values

As leadership consultants we come across the natural consequences of the values leaders and organisations live by on a daily basis. We find leaders who lift their organisations to new heights by passionate allegiance to universal values that are embedded in the culture of the organisation. But this is not always the case. Leaders on […]

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