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Immortal Thinking & Leading

We are living in very unique times; vastly different from 30, 10, even 3 years ago. Hence this very unique message… Because of the accelerated and radical changes we have and are experiencing we need to approach leadership from a vastly different perspective. During these unprecedented times leaders are expected to perform miracles – do […]

Seamless Leadership Certificate

This certificate is for all leaders. The world in its current state needs us to move beyond the leadership development of the past. We have to think, lead and be accountable on a whole new level and we have to understand leadership and the self like never before. All leadership development of the past have […]

Putting My Stake In The Ground

Some time back I was advised to stay clear of political matters as an opinion leader on leadership. It was suggested I should focus on leadership in general. Well, my conscience, the activist in me and my love of South Africa just does not allow me to do this. Over the past 20+ years I […]

What Goes Wrong With Leadership And How To Fix It…Remembering

Every day many individuals in your organisation who are in responsible positions wake up and neglect to consciously remember that their first profession and duty is to be a leader and to lead. They neglect to continually remember the privilege of being in their position; how honoured and blessed they felt when it initially happened. […]

Will It Become Impossible To Lead Visible Entities?

In the near future it could become almost impossible to lead any large or visible institution successfully. Perhaps we have already arrived at this point. On the one hand society has become so open and connected real-time that no leader can hide their autocratic and abusive behaviour. Before long it leaks out or is openly […]

The Uncomfortable Space Leaders Are In And What To Do

Do you believe that you were prepared for this exact moment in time; that destiny somehow brought you to this point so that you may lead your people and organisation through extremely turbulent times? Of late I have had interesting conversations with top leaders. They are in an uncomfortable space, to state it kindly. Millions […]

Confidence And Turning Around Under-Performance

I was asked to speak to a top leadership team recently that has been leading a loss making business for a while now. This was the essence of my message. Can you be a great, authentic and performing leader without confidence? The obvious answer is No. How do leaders lose their confidence? Consistent non performance, […]

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