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Message To Ministers Pravin Gordhan And Lindiwe Zulu

Dear Ministers Pravin Gordhan and Lindiwe Zulu As is the case with most governments across the world – certainly ours – its plans are paved with good intentions. Many well-meaning programs are initiated but when the real work starts unfortunately the wheels come off. The world of tenders is not all bad, despite many negative […]

Rob Otty – CEO Norton Rose Fulbright

The leadership success of Rob Otty, CEO Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa, can easily be overlooked. It is a true South African story that should be celebrated in some form. It is a story of a leader that has taken a South African law firm on to the global stage to become one of the […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Your Moral Commitment

Consider this statement: “…the brain is a malleable organ. Every time you do an activity, or have a thought, you are changing a piece of yourself into something slightly different than it was before. Every hour you spend with others, you become more like the people around you. Gradually, you become a different person. If […]

Great Leadership in Utah, USA

Utah State in the USA used to have a reputation as a ‘fly over State’, with the East Coast represented by New York and Washington and the West Coast known for Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Utah was seen as conservative, with strict liquor laws and a weak economy in the seventies and eighties. […]

Gary Player – Golf Icon and Leader Part Two

Gary Player believes, “the way you judge great men in the world are people that have suffered and have love, like Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa.” As I mentioned in last week’s article, having love in one’s heart with no energy to share it can be counterproductive and quite possibly depressing. Player works […]

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