Author: Adriaan Groenewald

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
The Law of SUCCESSFUL movement

Last week we discussed that leaders are in the business of creating movement, and then we shared the universal law of movement. Please do yourself a favour and listen to the podcast. Today we share principles on how you turn the law of movement into positive (successful) movement – personally and as a business. […]

Leaders on Leadership
A Listening Perspective

Not long ago we had a leadership conversation with Bernard Swanepoel – a leader that built Harmony into one of the largest gold companies in the world. His final leap was an attempted hostile takeover of Goldfields, which dominated business headlines for weeks and months, but ultimately failed. During this conversation we asked Swanepoel what […]

Leaders on Leadership
Joey Evans

Joey Evans, a keen sportsman and Biker had a dream to participate in an infamous global spectacle, the Dakar Rally. He was on track, but in 2007 this dream that only 200 riders globally at any given time have the privilege of participating in, came crashing down. Evans was at the starting line of the […]


Dear All, Prof Theo H Veldsman, a regular participant in out monthly Leadership Master Class on the Leadership Platform, CliffCentral, has started a weekly blog series on leadership entitled MASTER OF THE LEADERSHIP UNIVERSE: Travel Guide for Leadership Excellence in the newly emerging order. The intention of the series is to address on a weekly […]


I am a Leadership Activist: Actively standing for (even fighting for) authentic leadership and actively resisting (even fighting against) toxic leadership! I raise the “Title of True Leadership” and invite you to join me.     Listen to the following short clip and then I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, and views in the […]

Leaders on Leadership
Actively Ridding Society Of Toxic Leaders

I am tired of toxic leadership in our society! At the same time I am passionate about authentic, great leadership that the world needs so desperately! Examples of successful and authentic leadership seem to dissipate daily. We see far too much in the way of toxic leaders that hog headlines and damage or destroy individuals, […]

Leaders on Leadership
A Warning To All Leaders

We have a huge challenge on our hands, as leaders and as a society at large. Fortunately no challenge exists without equal or greater opportunity. Two forces are at play. First, an economic, political and even social system that is failing or has already failed. All over the world our economic models – collectively speaking […]

Leaders on Leadership
Inspiring Each Other

Times are truly challenging, for small businesses, large corporates, state owned enterprises, government departments, families, individuals, all of us. And, we can expect it to get even more difficult. But this message is not about why and how it is going to become more difficult – we all sense this. It is about what we […]

Leaders on Leadership
Finding That Little Bit Extra

I have noticed a difference between the really iconic sport athletes and the rest. Wayde van Niekerk runs the 400m race and what happens towards the end? As the commentators mention that he may be tiring, he somehow lifts himself to that next level to pull even further away from the silver and bronze athletes, […]

A Leadership & Digital Revolution – Leadership Catch-Up

This article follows on from what I wrote about the unfolding leadership revolution that is sweeping across the globe. How do we prepare leaders adequately for it? This is not an easy task as we have fallen behind and therefore have to somehow leapfrog current preparation techniques. We have to implement “Leadership Catch-Up”. What is […]

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