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Leadership Views & Opinions
Brackets Of Meaning

Highway traffic illustration Travelling a busy highway is symbolic of all of us travelling during our daily activities. From an economics point of view we can classify the hundreds of different travellers into categories of professions, social interest and functions for the day. Getting into the lives of every driver and passenger is a different […]

Leadership Views & Opinions
The lesson of the Sun

The sun keeps on shining, irrespective of our actions. The sun shines on criminals as well as saints. The lesson of the Sun is (amongst many lessons!): The Sun is often ‘unsuccessful’ in terms of the receptivity of nature and humankind to his light and life. Yet he keeps on shining day and night all […]


I am a Leadership Activist: Actively standing for (even fighting for) authentic leadership and actively resisting (even fighting against) toxic leadership! I raise the “Title of True Leadership” and invite you to join me.     Listen to the following short clip and then I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, and views in the […]

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