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Leadership – A Journey in Personal Growth and Change

When all is said and done there are two expectations of you as a leader: Create movement of the situation that has been thrust upon you, and Your behaviour while doing this We expect President Zuma to move South Africa to a better place, and in broad strokes, we expect certain behaviours from him. While […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
A Time to Evaluate

This is the Christmas season. It is a time of gifts and appreciation and enjoyment of the miracle of life in general. In the spirit of the season I desired to share something worthwhile with the people I have personal leadership conversations with during the course of the year. In pondering what to give them […]

Why Our Leaders Fail Us and Why We Fail Them

There is a word that seems to strike fear into the hearts of many a manager and unprepared leader:  Feedback.  Perhaps you may agree that it is not fear that grips you so much as it is resentment and frustration towards receiving feedback. If you are one of those that hesitate at the assessment feedback […]

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