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Race In SA

By Adriaan Groenewald Let’s address the elephant in the room in a simple analogous manner.  Please read to the end – this article is not just for white South Africans – I’m also writing it from a position of my own personal experience. We all know what a Recovering Alcoholic is.  And we all know […]

Leaders on Leadership
Honesty – A Key Source of Competitive Advantage

by Annelize van Rensburg* It is unusual to speak of honesty in terms of corporate advantage. Unfortunately, recent developments suggest honesty for honesty’s sake may not be enough to ensure principled conduct in all corners of the corporate world. Therefore, it may be opportune to give a reminder that honesty has a lot going for […]

Opinion & Analysis
Honest Leadership = Authentic Leadership

We have a huge trust deficit in our country, or perhaps in society at large. Labour does not trust business; business does not trust labour; business and labour does not trust government; many employees do not trust management; and frankly far too many managers do not trust their employees; many of our compatriots do not […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Core To Achieving Full Potential

et us be deeply honest for a moment, because this is what sincere, brave individuals and leaders do – they are brutally honest with themselves, others and the world! I recently tweeted this: “Leadership is…being honest with yourself; asking brave questions about life, about everything” To all leaders out there, are you brutally, even frightfully […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Honest Leadership – Is It Possible?

Recently we met with Neal Froneman CEO Sibanye Gold, followed by a meeting with one of his Executives Dawie Mostert, to continue our recent leadership conversation of the previous week on Cliffcentral Leadership Platform. It was a refreshing experience, for various reasons. However, when I analysed it objectively, what stood out for me was simple […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Want To Achieve Greatness? Do Not Fear What Others Might Think!

There are many reasons why some make it to the top, or become successful (however one defines success), and why others simply don’t. One could blame lack of skills, experience, emotional intelligence, personal motivation; absence of “luck”; losing track of personal values; hubris; and much more. But there is one overarching, and perhaps even surprising […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Honest Leadership

Truly great leaders are authentic. To be authentic though, you need to be absolutely honest, even at the risk of not being liked. But, what role should the environment play in giving a leader the space, freedom to be honest and authentic? Can leaders in SA be absolutely honest in their views, even when it […]

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