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The Hidden Power Of Gratitude

I sit penning what might be my final article of 2020, next to the Crocodile River that’s inside our beautiful Kruger National Park, with two male lions lying in the distance, sleeping under a cloudy sky that will hopefully result in much needed rain. How grateful I am. What a year 2020 has been, and […]

Seamless Leadership Certificate

This certificate is for all leaders. The world in its current state needs us to move beyond the leadership development of the past. We have to think, lead and be accountable on a whole new level and we have to understand leadership and the self like never before. All leadership development of the past have […]

Leaders on Leadership
Dear Citizens, All Over The World

I need to bring something very important to your attention and there is no easy way of saying this. I believe the current and future leader of your country cannot and will not from here on forward be capable of leading you. While there are exceptions, at this stage, I am of the view that […]

Leaders on Leadership
The Need For A Global Leadership Ecosystem

Leadership development in the future has to and will be considerably different from how we did it before COVID-19. In what ways should it be different? First, it has to work. It has to actually change behaviour and therefore ensure return on investment; return on our intention for doing it. If the intention is to […]

Leaders on Leadership
Thinking And Leading On A Whole New Level

Most leaders sense, even know they have to lift their game substantially; start thinking and leading on another level entirely, at a faster pace than ever before. Life and the world we lead in is and will be very different from now on, because of COVID-19. Whether we got it right or not; whether this […]

Leaders on Leadership
The Essence Purpose of COVID-19

I have been wracking my mind trying to wrap it around the Coronavirus experience. This involves many fascinating interviews with influences across the world. And then the week before last – to process some of it – I wrote an article about living the spirit and letter of the law during COVID-19, followed by an […]

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