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Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Unlocking the Leader Inside You

“I know that in everyone there is greatness, but most people don’t realize how quickly life passes them by.” (Comment by Adrian Gore in a personal interview with Adriaan Groenewald). Knowing ‘Me’ We learn from many leaders that the foundation of a confident leader is self knowledge. Shakespeare said: “Know thyself and to thine own […]

Avinash Singh – Head of ABSA Private Bank

A personal leadership conversation with Avinash Singh, Head of Absa Private Bank, is about entering the sophisticated world of banking and financial risk management, but is mainly exposure to the personal leadership journey of a remarkable young man. Over many years of leadership research we have come across many examples of remarkable people who worked […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Your Leadership Journey

Leadership Platform has been engaging leadership and leaders for over a decade now. Our core motive has remained constant:  empowering leaders to generate movement along their personal leadership journeys AND to then, in turn, empower their staff/teams to do the same.  In short:  the creation of movement (which is the essence and function of leadership) […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Leadership – A Journey With No End

So often today one is confronted with all forms of business literature offering the quickest and simplest route to becoming a successful leader. From habits to traits, practices to techniques, they all offer the simple notion that by consuming the contents of the “scriptures” and possibly employing a few neat techniques offered by the author, […]

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