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Lessons Learnt From Gareth Cliff Spectacle

Any outstanding leader cannot stomach being surrounded by leaders who are weak and don’t speak their mind, or are not willing to go out on a limb and say what needs to be said for the good of the organisation, even at the risk of offending colleagues around the boardroom table. A leader that tolerates or […]

Three Hours of Leadership Inspiration & Development – every Monday – FREE

Leadership Platform is an organisation with a passion for transformation towards an EMPOWERED society – empowered individuals; empowered teams; empowered organisations! To help achieve this EMPOWERED society we facilitate a weekly three hour slot on an “EMPOWERED” Cliffcentral station that goes where the internet goes, called “Leadership Transformation Platform”, which at this stage takes the […]

A Dialogue with Zwelinzima Vavi

We had a fascinating leadership conversation with Zwelinzima Vavi recently on CliffCentral Leadership Platform. I have met many leaders from different spheres of society. Surprisingly few of them have presence, or gravitas. Vavi has this, with his tall physique and authentic confidence to back it up. From the moment he walked into the CliffCentral studios […]

Herman Mashaba on CliffCentral, Leadership Platform

Herman Mashaba is a businessman, entrepreneur, capitalist, and a crusader – a man on a mission. As the founder of Black like Me and today the owner of Lephatsi Investments (stakes in 12 different listed and non-listed companies), he has been a leader in the business community for years. It all started in the mid-eighties […]

Learning & Development
Leadership And The “Top Of Mind” Factor

Readers of this column who want to be better leaders and want the respect of those they work and live with, may benefit by embracing the ‘top of mind factor’. ‘Top of mind’ is an expression that helps to explain the importance of constant conscious effort on our part to put first things first in […]

CliffCentral Show
Jay Naidoo on CliffCentral Leadership Platform

With some people it seems as though life, or its not-so-distant affiliate destiny, deliberately positions them at certain places, in front of certain people, at specific times. Jay Naidoo, our special guest on CliffCentral Leadership Platform recently, seems to be such a person. He was of course raised in a much politicised environment and this […]

Jacob Maroga: A Good Leader Is Hard To Find – And Keep

What was clear from the start of our leadership discussion, joined by Jacob Maroga, the former Eskom chief, was that all administrative situations need to be viewed within a current and broader context. Some may consider this to be a cop-out song sung by leaders who are deemed to have failed, even though they were […]

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