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Theo H Veldsman Work Psychologist; Visiting Professor, Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management, University of Johannesburg; Extraordinary Professor, University of Stellenbosch Business School Leadership is about identifying possible futures, followed by choosing and actualising a shared, desired future. The verbs ‘identifying’, ‘choosing’ and ‘actualising’ imply an uncertain journey towards an ever shifting, continuously, re-imagined […]

Can People Really Change?

One of our readers responded to one of our articles and commented on the need to catch our youth early in order to train them in positive behavioural dynamics. Then he asked the question whether it is really possible for older people to change their behaviour? We will address that question today. Can people really […]

Leaders on Leadership
How To Change

Do current leadership development programs change people? Some of the vexing questions in leadership development programs of today are: How can we ensure it is relevant in today’s world? Will the programme adequately equip our leaders to deal with the onslaught of challenges and unique issues of our business? How do we change behaviour of […]

Opinion & Analysis
The Quantum Leap Syndrome

Throughout history humankind has made quantum leaps into the future. In many cases such leaps have changed history for the better. Many examples of such ‘leaps’ can be mentioned such as FW de Klerk’s decision to release Nelson Mandela from Robin Island, such as the invention of the incandescent light bulb, the Internet, such as […]

Herman Mashaba

In February this year I wrote this article about Herman Mashaba. It is a good read and may just be coming true. Businessman turned politician – or as Herman Mashaba himself stated on our Cliffcentral Leadership Transformation Platform – “I am a civil servant”. He is a man on a mission, exuding energy and confidence, […]

Mature Fast On Social Media

I cringe every time our society fumbles its way through a very challenging and/or controversial issue, then letting it blow over like all these things do, without taking the time to consciously learn from it. It seems like we utter a sigh of relief, hoping it never happens again. To mention but a few: #PennySparrow […]

Message To Ministers Pravin Gordhan And Lindiwe Zulu

Dear Ministers Pravin Gordhan and Lindiwe Zulu As is the case with most governments across the world – certainly ours – its plans are paved with good intentions. Many well-meaning programs are initiated but when the real work starts unfortunately the wheels come off. The world of tenders is not all bad, despite many negative […]

Mteto Nyati – CEO MTN South Africa

We had a leadership conversation with MTN SA CEO Mteto Nyati this week – listen here. MTN has always been a remarkable South African success story, but Nyati concurred that something had gone wrong; the proud vibe on the MTN campus changed over the years to that of strikes and different forms of commotion.  Fortunately every success story […]

Defining Transformation

Defining transformation In our country the term transformation is used daily in rich abandon. So much so that it often becomes counterproductive and contentious. Yet the reality is that the country desperately needs a transformation mind-set! Each of us needs to define our personal commitment to the term transformation in the context of our country. […]

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