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Choice Dynamics

In the life of a leader nothing is as important or nothing can possibly be more important than the leader’s attitude towards choice. We naturally assume that good leaders are equipped to make good decisions. The truth is that many people, including many leaders, are often severely curtailed as a result of misunderstanding the nature […]

Can People Really Change?

One of our readers responded to one of our articles and commented on the need to catch our youth early in order to train them in positive behavioural dynamics. Then he asked the question whether it is really possible for older people to change their behaviour? We will address that question today. Can people really […]

Leaders on Leadership
The Gain Of Pain

It is the middle of the night. I have been sleeping restlessly after taking a hard fall earlier in the day in our church parking ground. I tripped coming off the pavement, and this ‘Old Man’ felt as if I was literally running into a brick wall. For a minute or so I was in […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours

The other day I was impressed with the following thought: ‘It is not so much differences in opinion that is hurting our country, but differences in respectfulness.’’ For some time now I have been intending to write something about the universal value of respectfulness and this is now probably a good time to do so. […]

Leaders on Leadership
Channels Of Destiny

It is inherent in us mortals to seek for patterns in life around us – patterns of behaviour, patterns of achievement, and patterns of answers to the questions of life. Naturally we tend to favour those patterns that help us to be successful in all our different endeavours. The reality is that many patterns we […]

Leaders on Leadership
The Fellowship of Leadership Activists

The Fellowship of Leadership Activists consist of leaders who are passionate advocates of authentic leadership. By implication they are opponents of toxic behaviour in leadership. Defining leadership activism By definition authentic behaviour is the honest and values driven part of all of us. Toxic behaviour is the enemy of authentic behaviour and may be defined […]

Leaders on Leadership
Key Principles Of Effective Leadership Development

From years of Leadership Platform research and learning from top leaders and scholars of behavioural performance and leadership, it appears more and more that good leadership is a personal matter. Acquiring or abandoning good leadership attributes is a personal conversion or corrupting process. Does that mean that all leadership development programs are of no worth? […]

Leader Profiles & Insights
A Country Of Presidents

Are we (leader-managers) sleepwalking towards disaster? I had this epiphany-like question emerging in my mind whilst listening to Mr Trevor Manual addressing a hall filled with leaders at the recent Die Burger and Kaapstad Sakekamer Business Leader of the Year event. He prefaced this epiphany by referring to South Africa’s presidential oath and with an […]

Leaders on Leadership
Getting Passion Back Into Your Organisation

Do we want to get the passion back into your organisation? Generally we seem to agree that the world needs leadership more than ever before. Not just leadership – we have a great many leaders! – but transformational leadership that inspire behavioural change and generate more passionate positive movement. In the midst of years of […]

Leaders on Leadership
Finding That Little Bit Extra

I have noticed a difference between the really iconic sport athletes and the rest. Wayde van Niekerk runs the 400m race and what happens towards the end? As the commentators mention that he may be tiring, he somehow lifts himself to that next level to pull even further away from the silver and bronze athletes, […]

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