What’s missing in Leadership Development

Society is in a very precarious place. Being a leader anywhere is extremely burdensome. And leadership development is struggling to keep up; to offer leaders what they need.

Two components are crucial. First, excellent, relevant and regular training. Second, a “Leadership Conscience” – something or someone that reminds the leader to do and become what he/she has been taught, until the leader gets there, or close. If the second component doesn’t happen the leader is simply swallowed up in the reality of life and the first component becomes a waste of time and money.

I propose the second component is the biggest challenge of modern Leadership Development practice. When the Trainer, Facilitator or Coach leaves until the next module or coaching session, the “Leadership Conscience” leaves with them. Leaders feel good about what they learnt on the course or what was discussed in their coaching session, but then they are on their own, back to the grind stone, bombarded by emails, problems, functional requirements, reports, delivery and much more. The Leadership Conscience that remains is the very one their organisation is attempting to improve – its the prevailing organisational culture and behaviours of leaders around them – which often does not exemplify what was taught on their program.

What they learnt, felt and thought they should change or incorporate into their leadership style disappears amidst the crazy, pressure filled work environment; that very place where they should be applying their newly acquired skills.

If the organisation can get to that point where the organisational Leadership Conscience – behaviour of leaders inside the organisation – reflects what they want or need, then they are in a very healthy space. But the reason for bringing in outside help is because the organisation is lacking. In very few cases it is to simply keep managers leadership fit.

We have no shortage of great leadership trainers, coaches, material or programs. What we have a shortage of is what to do inside the organisation or inside leaders’ everyday lives to keep their minds focused on leadership; on what they have learnt and committed to; on their best self; on their first profession, which is leadership. And we need to somehow do this without adding too much to existing work pressures.

This is one reason why we created the Global Leadership Platform (GLP) App that will assist the leaders you train with this very challenge – to remain leadership aware and fit during and after your interventions; because their phone, tablet or laptop is always with them. You / Your Facilitators / even other Experts, Authors & Leaders – through the App – will remain that very Leadership Conscience that leaders desperately need in order to change decades of unfavourable, outdated leadership practices or simply twig a few engrained and unnecessary habits.

The App is this and much more. It really is time to do things differently.

Adriaan Groenewald CEO at Leadership Platform




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