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I have been interviewing top leaders for almost 20 years – from Presidents to CEO’s. Somewhere along this journey I of course realized that collectively speaking leadership on all fronts is in a bad place – partly due to the VUCCA world concept. Also, as I sat – still do – with CEO’s whose organizations invest millions in leadership development it became apparent that something was missing. We needed a solution that would not only address the global leadership crises but also this “missing link” that CEO’s sense.

You train and/or coach leaders for a living and while you may be phenomenal at it, like the CEO’s you also sense or even know something is missing.

You spend a couple of hours or days a month inside a particular organization, and you are handsomely paid for it, I hope. You and I know what happens when you leave the premises and those leaders you attempted to influence positively return to their work stations.

More than ever before they return back into a highly pressurized environment that requires every ounce of their energy and focus. They simply do not adopt – with enough commitment and energy – what they learned from you and those around them. Just being absent from their inbox and WhatsApp groups for an hour coaching session or a two day module already puts them at great risk of falling behind with an already overextended workload.

What can you do or what should be done? I think we all know some of these answers:

  • Find a way to keep those leaders actively engaged with the content in between modules or coaching sessions. But how, especially without adding to their workload?
  • Find a way to keep them actively engaged with you (the leadership conscience) in between coaching sessions and training modules. 
  • Find a way for leaders to be reminded regularly of the new behaviors or habits they want to adopt following coaching or training sessions, so that they can actually change, grow.
  • Find a way for them to take ownership of their own leadership development in the future.
  • Find a way for them to remain in touch with their fellow participants – a way to create an effective alumni, support structure. 
  • Find a way for their leaders back in the workplace to also play their part in guiding the participant on his/her leadership development journey. 
  • Find a way for the leadership development program to ripple wider than those directly trained. 
  • Find a way for participants to become students of leadership forever more. 
  • Find a way for you to become part of their continuous leadership learning beyond the formal intervention. 
  • Find a way for them to access an ever growing library of leadership content from experts, authors and leaders.
  • Find a way for all the above to reach participants where ever they are in this world without boundaries – mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

Finally, find a way to generate annuity income from all the above and more.

We have developed a ground breaking Leadership App that you can implement inside your consulting practice that can do the above and more. The App will have your branding on – it is yours, within a couple of days. And we practically give it away for free then set you up to generate annuity income.

Your very own leadership app will also be linked to a global vision and growing public App on which all participants can join a global leadership conversation. It will be like the social media platform for leadership, because the world desperately needs this. For example, on it is a function called “I-Lead”, short for “I Lead from where I stand”. The messages of all leaders on the App land there. If we are going to turn the tide on weak and toxic leadership worldwide then all our isolated efforts need to somehow roll up into one combined momentum.

We must help leaders remain leadership fit long after we have physically left the building; we need to raise the confidence of all leaders to not only become better versions of themselves but to join the global leadership conversation on how to significantly improve leadership, from where they stand; we all need to restore the honor and privilege of leading.

There is much more…

Please give us an hour of your valuable time and we will demonstrate the above to you via Skype or Zoom.




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