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Leaders on Leadership
Should People Really Be Called Company Assets?

People are gullible, or as my late father used to say ‘there is a sucker born everyday!’ When companies make statements like ‘People are our biggest assets’, the general consensus is they must be great companies. But I ask you, where is the relationship in that statement? Imagine saying that your partner, wife or husband […]

Ann-Marie Hosang-Archer, MD Eli Lilly SA

As we sat together at the Lilly offices in Bryanston, I wondered to myself:  “What has made this woman stand out amongst her peers?  What has she done or who is she that she is where she is today?” The answers to these questions becomes apparent as one takes a step back and looks at […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Bend the Tree While it is Young

Is Society doing enough to develop leaders or potential leaders from a young age? I recently received an email from a reader with the following comments: “Less attention has been given to the leaders of tomorrow. By that I mean a lot of organisations seem to only bother themselves about development of principled authentic leaders […]

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