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Leaders on Leadership
The Universal Law Of Movement

Today we want to share a very profound leadership principle! Two weeks ago on our weekly Leadership Master Class on CliffCentral we discussed that the task of great leaders is to create a believable positive momentum. Last week we discussed how to start this off with the “BIG leadership question” – one which leaders should […]

Bonang Mohale – Always Produce Embarrassingly Good Results

I chatted to Bonang Mohale, Chairman of Shell Marketing SA (Pty) and President of the BMF on Cliffcentral Leadership Platform recently. He is small in stature, yet has an energy and personality larger than life. When he enters a room he infuses it with energy and engages people in like manner. He radiates the hope […]

Shonah Melton – On A Journey To Make A Difference

Recently we interviewed Shonah Melton, who is on a remarkable journey to make a difference to the very fibre of our society. This article is aimed at those of us who want to make a difference. It is about those of us who want more from life than to just keep our heads above water! […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Three Mistakes CEOs Make

In a recent study by Keas, an employee health and wellness company based in San Francisco USA, where they interviewed over 100 HR professionals on various topics, one of the questions they asked was:  “In your experience, what are the top three Human Resource mistakes that every CEO makes?”  The response: 64% – CEOs don’t […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
The Boomerang Factor

The boomerang is an instrument originating from the Australian aborigines that is designed to be thrown into the air and then it returns to the thrower of its own volition. The expression Boomerang Factor is about the universal principle that states the following: “Everything we send out in life comes back to us in one […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Motivation Leadership

Motivation determines our performance as leaders. This applies to our own motivational drive (the Me factor) as well as the motivational drive of those around us. In a discussion recently with Themba Baloyi of Discovery Insure we shared the conviction that passion is the core of personal motivation and performance. We discussed the principle that […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

This article takes a brief look at the vast impact that spoken words may have on our life style and our development as leaders.  Last week we used the old saying ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’.  As is the case with many slogans, this one is only […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Motives of a True Leader

Leadership Platform has interviewed and profiled hundreds of top leaders from many walks of life.  We have been able to engage average leaders, good leaders, great leaders, and the very rare exceptional leader.  It is the last that I wish to refer to today To begin this second instalment of our You(th) the Leader series, […]

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