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Eskom : Time To Act!

Dear South Africans During an interview I conducted with former President Kgalema Motlanthe recently he stated that we are a nation of activists and that “South Africans won’t roll over and die when there is an injustice meted out to them. They will rise against any form of injustice. And that’s our saving grace.” The […]

Jacob Maroga: A Good Leader Is Hard To Find – And Keep

What was clear from the start of our leadership discussion, joined by Jacob Maroga, the former Eskom chief, was that all administrative situations need to be viewed within a current and broader context. Some may consider this to be a cop-out song sung by leaders who are deemed to have failed, even though they were […]

Brian Dames – CEO of Eskom, Part 2

As mentioned last week, the current reality around energy is precarious to say the least. Safety margins between electricity supply and demand are going to be tight between now and 2013.  Perceptions around this reality could deter investors and curb economic expansion and growth, which impacts directly on government’s ambitious job creation aspirations. Brian Dames […]

Brian Dames – CEO of Eskom, Part 1

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Brian Dames CEO of Eskom grew up in Kimberley. His father sold life policies for Metropolitan and his Mother was a teacher. His home environment was a disciplined one and church was very much a part of their upbringing.

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