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Transformational Entrepreneurs

The words transformation, entrepreneurship and black economic empowerment are among those that we hear on a daily basis. These days it seems as if every journalist, radio and TV host, every trainer and certainly every politician are experts on transformation and entrepreneurship.  What do these words really mean?  When we combine the words transformation and […]

CliffCentral Show
Catherine Constantinides Shares Her Wisdom

Her smile is wide and welcoming, posture strong yet elegant, and she seems immediately comfortable as we sit down and exchange a few words before the show.  But it is also clear from the moment we first shake hands and introduce ourselves in the CliffCentral common room that she is feeling a little nervous, edgy, […]

Dempsey Naidoo – Engineer and Leader Extraordinaire

From being branded a troublemaker after only five months at university as an Engineering student to selling PD Naidoo & Associates to a global engineering group – this may very well be an exemplary story of leadership, entrepreneurialism, endurance, commitment, investing in Africa and all attributes needed to succeed in life. Dempsey Naidoo was born […]

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