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The Language of Leadership

When we speak of a leadership language it normally evokes a puzzled response, yet the language of leadership is the most important language on earth. The article is another in the series of Leadership X Factors. What is language? Language by definition is the use of symbols to communicate meaning. We see language mainly in […]

Harmony’s Graham Briggs Shows Leadership Mettle

Graham Briggs is probably the most senior mining leader in South Africa, having been the CEO of Harmony Gold for just over five years. It is very timeous for Harmony Gold to have an experienced leader at the helm during these tumultuous and explosive times on the SA mining ‘field’, which Ellis Mnyandu Editor of […]

Zuma and Malema – One-on-One Leadership

During a two and a half hour in depth conversation with me recently, Julius Malema made the following statement: “I was elected last year in June, after serving the first three years. There’s never been an interaction between me and President Zuma, just the two of us, for almost four years, on this or that […]

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