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Great Leadership in Utah, USA

Utah State in the USA used to have a reputation as a ‘fly over State’, with the East Coast represented by New York and Washington and the West Coast known for Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Utah was seen as conservative, with strict liquor laws and a weak economy in the seventies and eighties. […]

Ann-Marie Hosang-Archer, MD Eli Lilly SA

As we sat together at the Lilly offices in Bryanston, I wondered to myself:  “What has made this woman stand out amongst her peers?  What has she done or who is she that she is where she is today?” The answers to these questions becomes apparent as one takes a step back and looks at […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
We Support What We Create

James Ritchie from the USA shared a principle with me. He is a very successful leader and entrepreneur that retired first time in his early thirties already, having built at least over twenty different businesses successfully. The principle is: “We support what we create.” He recently spent a day working with a room full of […]

Obama or Romney – Who Should Be The Next President?

While in the USA I engaged several ordinary citizens, highly successful business leaders, friends and politicians regarding their Presidential leadership race and other issues. From a leadership point of view I am often asked for my views on it.  Here are some simple thoughts on how to judge in broad strokes which one of these […]

Dr Stephen Covey Leaves a Legacy

This past week Dr Stephen R Covey, author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, ‘Principle-Centered Leadership’, and many other books, passed away at the age of seventy nine. He has no doubt affected many of your lives positively. I have had the privilege of spending some time with him and was more impressed […]

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