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Thanks For Being An Authentic Leader

Our experience over many years is that the kind of people who are committed to reading articles such as that produced on this website are people who want to grow and become more authentic and better leaders. We honour you for your commitment to deep-rooted values and service to others. During the year we have […]

Leaders on Leadership
The Fellowship of Leadership Activists

The Fellowship of Leadership Activists consist of leaders who are passionate advocates of authentic leadership. By implication they are opponents of toxic behaviour in leadership. Defining leadership activism By definition authentic behaviour is the honest and values driven part of all of us. Toxic behaviour is the enemy of authentic behaviour and may be defined […]

Leaders on Leadership
Patience And Impatience In Leadership

Patience and impatience are triggers of entry into different worlds. Impatience Impatience takes on different meanings. On the one hand it may be said that impatience generates action. Yes, that may be true in the same way that a storm motivates us to seek protection and safety. On the other hand, impatience can be a […]


Dear All, Prof Theo H Veldsman, a regular participant in out monthly Leadership Master Class on the Leadership Platform, CliffCentral, has started a weekly blog series on leadership entitled MASTER OF THE LEADERSHIP UNIVERSE: Travel Guide for Leadership Excellence in the newly emerging order. The intention of the series is to address on a weekly […]

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Organisations Are Terrible Places!

Johann Coetzee wrote a chapter in the recently launched book “Leadership Perspectives from the Front Line” called “The Leadership Lament”. It starts like this: “Organisations are terrible places. They are terrible because well-intentioned people assemble there with good motives, and then become blemished by the inescapable toxicity organisations succeed in generating. If you swear at […]

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Actively Ridding Society Of Toxic Leaders

I am tired of toxic leadership in our society! At the same time I am passionate about authentic, great leadership that the world needs so desperately! Examples of successful and authentic leadership seem to dissipate daily. We see far too much in the way of toxic leaders that hog headlines and damage or destroy individuals, […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
MBA’s and Leadership

I am often asked by Executives I work with about the worth of an MBA, whether it will in fact contribute towards their improvement as leaders and in their careers? From personal experience and in my dealings with leaders that acquired an MBA qualification, it doesn’t always give aspiring leaders all the tools they need […]

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How Do I Rate Me As A South African Leader?

As we look at the many time bombs that are brewing in our country, as leaders / citizens our attitude towards our country becomes an important matter. Are we part of the problem or part of the solution? Our mindset can be measured by our desires to bring about transformation at every level of our […]

Leaders on Leadership
The Quest For Performance Perfection

One of the many valuable patterns that emerge in the on-going study of good leadership and superior performances is that perfect knowledge is a never-ending quest, certainly for this mortal life. One of the challenges of the academic quest for knowledge is to decide when to act. The tendency of some scholars is then to […]

Quantum Leap Of Reputation Management

By using the principles of quantum physics in your business and life, the possibilities for achievement and growth are limitless. Considering the key principles of quantum theory, is your business a wave, or a particle, or both? Are your thoughts linear, or bouncing bits of intuition and creativity? Old paradigm thinking is still the basis […]

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