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Brackets of Meaning

Highway traffic illustration Travelling a busy highway is symbolic of all of us travelling during our daily activities. From an overall economics point of view we can classify the hundreds of different travellers into categories of professions, social interest and functions for the day. Getting into the lives of every driver and passenger is a […]

Ian Donald – Authentic Leader Of Nestle SA

Every now and then I meet a leader that comes across as truly authentic with a healthy confidence. Ian Donald, the newly appointed CEO of Nestle SA is such a leader. We had a conversation with him and our panel on Cliffcentral Leadership Platform earlier this week. He has lead in Philippines, Nestle Ice Cream […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Honest Leadership

Truly great leaders are authentic. To be authentic though, you need to be absolutely honest, even at the risk of not being liked. But, what role should the environment play in giving a leader the space, freedom to be honest and authentic? Can leaders in SA be absolutely honest in their views, even when it […]

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