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South Africans, Which Wolf Are We Feeding?

I have so many questions in my mind as far as the student “uprising” is concerned. Here is one: Are the current events a reflection of what has been happening behind the scenes in our society over the last 20 years? For example, have parents been holding public conversations with a persona that was different […]

Leadership Around #FeesMustFall

Shifts in our society are and will compel leaders to change, to become more authentic, to “get off their podiums” and truly serve the people rather than entertain their own belief that the people are there to serve them. Leading this attitudinal shift is our next generation, the higher education students of South Africa. They […]

Are You Asking Yourself The Right Leadership Questions?

The questions we ask consciously and sub-consciously determine our attitudes and our momentum. Without asking questions we cannot grow and will stagnate. If we do not consciously develop the habit of asking positive questions, then we may automatically default to negative or self-absorbed sub-conscious questions. The following are some key questions a leader may want […]

Pride – A Leadership Killer

“I am really really really really really proud of the people that we have.”  This was one of the last comments Sipho Nkosi made before we closed our leadership conversation with him at his Exxaro office, just outside of Centurion, some time ago. Nkosi is the CEO of Exxaro Resources and former president of the […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Pain In The Workplace

We regularly receive emails from readers who feel that they are treated unfairly in the work place. In some instances the emails contain bitter feelings that indicate much mental and emotional pain. We feel for these people. The workplace plays a dominant role in the lives of millions and the influence of our workplace cascades […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
The Art Of Impossibility

In today’s world it is no longer the art of “possibility” thinking and doing that makes the difference but the art of “impossibility” thinking and doing. I read an article written a few weeks ago by Gareth Armstrong: “Future leaders challenge the impossible”. It had me thinking and as I engaged top leaders out there […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Keep Calm And Be A Leader

We are privileged to meet many leaders in various fields. Some of these fine people are respected and followed by thousands and some even by millions of people. Some are spiritual leaders and others head large business or civil organisations. All of them have in common the fact that they have to confront, at least […]

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