Every day millions of individuals in positions of responsibility wake up and neglect to consciously remember that their first profession and duty is to be a leader and to lead. They neglect to continually remember the privilege of being in their position; how honoured and blessed they felt when it initially happened. They neglect to remember in the spirit of gratitude what and how they – and others – sacrificed for them to get there. They don’t remember all those lessons learnt on expensive programs attended, books read or through hard experience. They get caught up in the busyness of life, daily activities and deadlines, survival, the pressure of needing to make decision after decision, hoping to match expectations of performance from various stakeholders. Some have always been, or in time – because they don’t remember – become consumed by selfish pursuits, forgetting why they initially embraced their position. Because of all this forgetting, leaders fall back to their old ways or become different persons entirely. They forget their best selves and allow busy schedules – more than ever – to hijack all those good intentions of being purposeful leaders. The results of not remembering are detrimental, destructive, even fatal on societal, political, economic, organisational, family and individual levels.

We NEED leaders to REMEMBER. Please imagine what the world would be like if all these millions of leaders remembered, daily.

But let’s be honest. One of the biggest challenges in life is rememberingremembering past life lessons, birthdays, anniversaries, commitments made of meetings and call backs, what we learnt on a course, during varsity years, who we are, why we fell in love back then and so on. The list of what we must and want to remember is endless.

Most of us start a day, a week, a year, a relationship with wonderful intentions, we even set goals for being and doing better. Yet so much of these fall away because we forget; life takes over; we do not make time to remember well enough the emotional feelings, desires or reasons that led us to deciding and committing.

Of course leaders are no different. Their biggest challenge is remembering – forgetting to remember and helping others remember.

The same challenge exists on an organisational level. Organisations invest incalculable effort and huge amounts of money to agree on a strategy, a set of values, operational plans and budgets. Then they invest the same or more to communicate it, to make it relevant to individuals, hoping people will remember to live those values daily during everyday engagements, spend what they committed to spending. We speak of institutional memory, which starts with human memories.

Life is all about remembering, until what we remember becomes part of who we are, as a person, as an organisation or as a country. And even then we risk defaulting back to old ways, if we don’t remember, on another level. That’s the cycle of positive change – remember, become, remember on another level, become on another level…

Diaries are for remembering future appointments and activities. Journals are mostly for remembering the past – memories and lessons. Contracts are for remembering agreements between parties.

ThinkLead is for remembering Leadership. It is an App, a Leadership Ecosystem for any electronic device, in order to be accessible at all times with helping leaders remember

  • Remember who they are
  • Remember that they are leaders
  • Remember to lead
  • Remember what leadership is
  • Remember what they have learnt about Leadership
  • Remember best practice
  • Remember their commitments made to improve behaviour
  • Remember their leadership responsibilities
  • Remember the company values, desired leadership competencies
  • Remember to stay leadership fit
  • Remember. Remember. Remember

Leaders remembering means everything to and for an individual and organisation. At the very least it means:

  • All investments result in better return
  • Leaders allowing their best selves to surface because that’s what authentic leadership is
  • Leaders performing better because their best selves are at the forefront of their minds
  • More positive movement occurs
  • Happier people
  • A healthy leadership oriented culture
  • Alignment and Unity
  • Individual, team and organisational achievement
  • Increased individual, team and organisational confidence

Then, when success becomes a rhythm and confidence a natural consequence, we need to remember what brought us here; remember to be confident but not arrogant; remember to keep improving. Remember. Remember. Remember, on another level.

The time has come for society, organisations, teams and individuals to REMEMBER leadership, Authentic Leadership, on a whole new level. Society cannot afford the “forgetting” any longer.

So when you think leadership, remember and when you implement you remember leadership to Think (remember) & Lead on a whole new level, then continue remembering.




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