Alright everyone. A few weeks ago I received a strong impression to once and for all learn our National Anthem.

I listened to that feeling and over several hours and days, learnt it. I fell in love with the words and spirit of this great Anthem. But I felt disappointment in my realisation that we simply don’t ‘live it’ as a nation.

Then another strange impression came my way, that I needed to record myself singing it and in this way persuade or motivate South Africans to somehow do better at living the words we sing. If you know me, I can hold a note, but I certainly don’t sing in front of others at all. Well, on a business trip to the Freestate I acted on my feeling and post myself singing our anthem on twitter and Facebook. The many responses touched me deeply.

Finally, on Thursday the 21st of September, while traveling back to my home in Mpumalanga, next to Kruger National Park, another strong impression came to me: Why not Inspire South Africans to record themselves singing the Anthem, repeating the line that speaks to them the most and explaining thereafter why they chose those particular words and why they were so relevant to South Africans. And I felt to give prize money for the most authentic responses.

Only after sharing this thought with my team was I reminded of Heritage Day this coming Sunday 24 September 2017. I couldn’t believe the timing of all three of these impressions!

South Africa, here goes…please watch this video below and participate in our worthwhile #LiveTheAnthem drive.

Click here:


While you can win a couple of thousand rands, the benefits of why we are doing this, far exceed the prize money. Enjoy!

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(LP Twitter: @LeadershipPform or Facebook: @LeadershipPlatform).

Add #LiveTheAnthem to your video.

Please Note! This campaign ends at 6pm –  26 September 2017

Adriaan Groenewald

Adriaan Groenewald is an Authentic Leadership Activist

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