Dear Citizens, All Over The World

I need to bring something very important to your attention and there is no easy way of saying this.

I believe the current and future leader of your country cannot and will not from here on forward be capable of leading you. While there are exceptions, at this stage, I am of the view that we have officially entered a period in our history where hardly any political leader has or will have the capability, capacity, wisdom or experience to confidently and effectively lead a nation.

One could argue this has been the case for a while now, even before COVID19. But it is now clearer and surer than ever that we cannot expect or hope for a political leader that will deliver on promises made during election rallies.

This does not make all political leaders pathological liars – though some of them are – it’s merely a function of our world fast approaching breakpoint level in volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – yes, VUCA, but at an unprecedented level. We are nearing a perfect storm where out of control social, political and economical factors could collide and explode into a state that will make not only COVID19 but the fallout from it look like child’s play.

Back to our ignorant, arrogant or insincere leaders, at least many of them. Some will ignorantly think they can do the job of leading and their major flaw will simply be that they are out of touch – and who wants an out of touch leader? Others will arrogantly think and state that they can do it – and who needs an arrogant leader? Yet others will play the part and confidently yet insincerely state they can do it because that’s what they believe the world wants to hear – and who needs an insincere leader that simply says what he thinks others want to hear. It is high time political leaders know that we know they cannot do the job, because hardly anyone can.

If I am correct, what does this mean for you and I?

First, while the current political systems reach their expiry dates, don’t have any expectations of your leaders. If you do it will result in catastrophic disappointment. However, we also can’t stop putting pressure on them. In fact we need to lift our game in holding them accountable through all means possible – our sacred vote every couple of years and more importantly, social ecosystems like social media platforms in between elections. If we don’t the delivery will simply be far worse.

Second, you and I need to be the best leaders we can possibly be inside our smaller and more controllable environments. But know that even for us it is near impossible to arrogantly believe we can comfortably lead our family, small or large businesses. It needs extraordinary effort, commitment, collaboration and much more than I can mention here. This article will set the scene for what you as an individual need to do – read here

Third, prepare yourself for a society that will be led in some other way and not through current political structures and systems. I cannot tell you what that model will look like. But I am convinced current models will be challenged aggressively and change dramatically over the next few years. Signs of this are already evident.

Fourth, we simply cannot continue to believe what any analysts predict about the political landscape, economic prospects or social trends in our future. They don’t know! Examples are plenty. That means we have to become more comfortable than ever before with walking in faith rather than by sight – be comfortable with uncertainty. Read and counsel widely, follow your own instincts and make up your own mind. This article shares more – read here

Finally, in politics – and more and more in business – look for leaders that have the maturity, foresight and humility to confidently declare they don’t have the ability to lead us, but “together we can do it”. Support a leader or leaders that are willing to radically challenge current systems and structures, but not with the intent of regressing to failed systems of the past. Any leader that proposes the status quo shouldn’t be taken seriously. Any leader that hints at past systems repackaged should be flatly ignored.

I know this sounds like a negative message. It isn’t. It is truth that we need to face head on if we are going to somehow find a way to lead successfully into the future. And leaders that possess an AUTHENTIC attitude of “we can do it together” will find the solutions. The days of a leader being the sage with all the answers, are over.

With the global pandemic it may seem as if current politicians are here to stay. But this is a false perception. COVID19 magnified their flaws and societies current fault lines in systems, trust deficits, weak ideologies and misdirected priorities. It will and has to change.

Following a lock down in your country, do not plug yourself back into society with the same mindset as before. Expect and prepare for radical economic, political and social change, faster than anticipated, with broader impact than predicted.

Become and remain grounded on a personal and family level. Make sure your faith in something and someone bigger than yourself is immovable. Remain physically and spiritually fit. Be financially prudent yet proactive. Hold on tight because it is going to be a crazy ride that can be exciting if you have these things in place. It will assist you in still looking forward, seeing opportunities – mostly in the digital economy – and remaining a beacon of optimism in a world that on face value seems to have no reason for it.

Finally, file this article and read it again in 5-10 years. You will see then that I was right…or not. For now, let’s chat about what you and your leaders can and should do to face the perfect storm.

Adriaan Groenewald
Leadership Activist
CEO & Co-Founder Leadership Platform
Founder Think Lead – A Global Digital Leadership Ecosystem

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