Category: Models, Principles, and Behaviours

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Dealing With Differences

arents accuse a principal of a primary school and its deputies of fraud and maladministration. However, after some form of enquiry charges are cleared. Parents – mostly coloured – reject the current principal, who happens to be black. So the question begs, is this yet another incident motivated by racism, or is it dissatisfaction with […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Seamless Leaders Approach To Life?

Imagine leaders that: • Create the movement you, your organisation and other stakeholders expect • Always strive to somehow positively impact more than just their responsible area • Always strive to understand the underlying purpose, essence of everything they do • Push boundaries and achieve the “impossible” • Know how to work with people and […]

Does An Organization Reflect The Character Of Its Leader?

Recently I tweeted this quote by Billy Graham: “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost. When health is lost, something is lost. When character is lost, all is lost!” I then added: “We CAN’T escape this truth: A country, organization almost always reflects the character of its leader, in some way!” The retweets were phenomenal! […]

The Law Of Resistance

Why is it so difficult to create movement – never mind successful movement? Remember, the law of movement says: All movement is governed by the integration of motivation, direction and structure. If you want positive movement (greater success) you need to ensure the following: Clarity of and passion for the source of the motivation Accurate and […]

Leaders on Leadership
The Universal Law Of Movement

Today we want to share a very profound leadership principle! Two weeks ago on our weekly Leadership Master Class on CliffCentral we discussed that the task of great leaders is to create a believable positive momentum. Last week we discussed how to start this off with the “BIG leadership question” – one which leaders should […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Inspiring Lessons from Jay Naidoo

Jay Naidoo is a distinctive leader and character in his own right. He is internationally respected for his role in the democratisation process of South Africa, was a prominent trade union leader, was a close associate of Nelson Mandela and served as a cabinet minister in the Nelson Mandela government. Since that time he has […]

Learning & Development
Leadership And The “Top Of Mind” Factor

Readers of this column who want to be better leaders and want the respect of those they work and live with, may benefit by embracing the ‘top of mind factor’. ‘Top of mind’ is an expression that helps to explain the importance of constant conscious effort on our part to put first things first in […]

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