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Q&A with Mark Cutifani – CEO of Anglogold Ashanti

BRLP:  Tell us a little about your childhood and how it may have prepared you for a leadership role?. Cutifani:  My mother is from an Irish background but Australian born. Her family owned pubs. So you had a young Italian migrant and an Australian girl with an Irish background. Quite a volatile pairing. I was […]

Mike Brown – CEO of Nedbank

Mike Brown, CEO of Nedbank, comes from a family of bankers. His father, grandfather and an uncle were bankers. His entrance into banking, though fairly coincidental, was probably evident. He qualified as a chartered accountant and, like so many CA’s, joined Deloitte & Touche to do his articles. He was placed in the financial services […]

Brian Dames – CEO of Eskom, Part 2

As mentioned last week, the current reality around energy is precarious to say the least. Safety margins between electricity supply and demand are going to be tight between now and 2013.  Perceptions around this reality could deter investors and curb economic expansion and growth, which impacts directly on government’s ambitious job creation aspirations. Brian Dames […]

Brian Dames – CEO of Eskom, Part 1

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Brian Dames CEO of Eskom grew up in Kimberley. His father sold life policies for Metropolitan and his Mother was a teacher. His home environment was a disciplined one and church was very much a part of their upbringing.

Arend Kotze – CEO of On The Dot

Arend Kotze is the CEO of On the Dot, a one-stop media logistics solutions company within the Media 24 group. Their solutions include warehousing, delivery, distribution and much more. Kotze and the organisation is an interesting leadership case study, especially because of their exponential growth over the last decade and more so the last three […]

Vicki-Marais Swanepoel – Young Leader Learning Tough Lessons

Vicki Marais-Swanepoel, though the youngest ever managing director of PAG (Professional Assignments Group) and within the Kelly Group, has learned some hard and important lessons in life. From starting her career ten years ago when she did not even know what the company was about, to becoming the MD of PAG a company that  occupies the […]

CEO New Clicks, David Kneale says Keep It Simple

He was raised on a small island called the Isle of Man, between England and Ireland, 21 miles long and 12 miles wide with a population of about 50 000 people. It was a simple life where everybody knew one other. Kneale was however keen to ‘get out’ into the big world, which is what he […]

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