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Is your leadership development really working – changing behaviour and culture; improving business performance?

For your organisation to perform according to market and stakeholder expectations, in an extremely volatile socio-political and economic environment over the next year and longer, will require exceptional leadership on all levels. You know this, so your organisation may have embarked – or will soon – on a leadership development programme that spans several years, […]

Integrity: It Is Who We Are That Matters

Whilst having a conversation with someone recently, the topic turned to leadership and what we do here at Leadership Platform.  She shared that she was a little frustrated with us because we are always saying that we believe all people to be leaders, but then seem to only feature big name leaders from big name […]

The Leader – The Critical Bridge

On our weekly leadership master class we discussed the role of the leader to be the critical bridge between his/her organisation and its context out there. Listen here To connect their organisation and followers effectively to the context so that they fit the context with its demands and requirements, leadership has to fulfil certain Contextual […]

Mature Fast On Social Media

I cringe every time our society fumbles its way through a very challenging and/or controversial issue, then letting it blow over like all these things do, without taking the time to consciously learn from it. It seems like we utter a sigh of relief, hoping it never happens again. To mention but a few: #PennySparrow […]

Raise A Title Of Hope

I sit in the early hours of the morning pondering about the M-Net/Gareth Cliff debacle. What strikes me is that many climb on board and try to cash in on the situation with various agendas. I think of my tweet last night: “#Leadership – in difficult times of distrust, doubt…the leader in us finds something […]

Leadership Success At Famous Brands – Kevin Hedderwick

16 years ago Kevin Hedderwick entered the world of Steers Holdings when its market capitalisation was R105 million with a share price of R1,69. This was at the time when there were jitters in the market with McDonalds entering its space, but it made no significant difference. He thrust it forward into what can be […]

Leadership Around #FeesMustFall

Shifts in our society are and will compel leaders to change, to become more authentic, to “get off their podiums” and truly serve the people rather than entertain their own belief that the people are there to serve them. Leading this attitudinal shift is our next generation, the higher education students of South Africa. They […]

“Impossibility” For You And Your Team

Dear CEO We recently had this fascinating conversation with my panel that included Bernard Swanepoel, former CEO of Harmony Gold for 12 years. I think you will find it interesting. For more than this, including panel comments, listen to the podcast here. Do you want to positively impact your organization, your people, and your environment […]

December “Stillness” Vital For South African Leadership

What a year this has been. With Christmas around the corner I am reminded of these wise words by T. S. Eliot: “O world of spring and autumn, birth and dying! The endless cycle of idea and action, Endless invention, endless experiment, Brings knowledge of motion, but not of stillness; Knowledge of speech, but not […]

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