Calling All SME Owners

Dear SME Owner,

We invite you on an exciting journey with our Cliffcentral media platform. It is 2016 and we are taking real, important and cutting edge conversations to South Africa, especially to SME owners like yourself.

To achieve this, Cliffcentral will now transform into a vibrant Master Classroom every Monday, and you can book your seat:


13h00 – 14h00 – Business Master Class:

  1. Half hour business skills, management content conversation with USB (Stellenbosch Executive Education) – will also be made relevant for SME owners;
  2. Half hour with a prior selected SME owner and an expert to discuss matters relevant to SME’s.
  • While the Business Master Class takes place you can form part of a live SME owner/manager audience listening/watching at Cliffcentral premises.
  • On-air practical implementation conversation with SME owners/managers that listened live. If you participate you will be given 30 seconds to pitch your business to the world. This in itself is a good experience as it forces you to crystallise the essence of what you are about and offers some exposure. You and other SME owners will share what you have taken away from the hour show and you also have the opportunity to direct questions to the expert panel. In some instances this conversation may continue beyond 30 min under the facilitation of someone from our team.

If you are interested in attending this live media Business Master Class, that takes place every Monday, excluding public holidays (FOR FREE), book now by emailing Kevin at now to secure a space. Seats are very limited!




Call: +27 (0)12 653 3022

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