Author: Gareth Armstrong

Venete Klein – A Leader To Follow

Dr Maya Angelou, the Pulitzer Prize nominated poet and author, educator, historian, and civil-rights activist once said:  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” On a few rare occasions I have had the privilege of interviewing and […]

Successful Leaders Confront Three Common Challenges

As I begin this article, I am sitting in the offices of one of our clients where we have been tasked to give one last big push to assist the executive team to try and save the operation before aggressive, even desperate, measures are taken to turn it around, or a “shut it down” will […]

You Aren’t Really A Leader Unless You Successfully Delegate

Today I would like to focus on a leadership skill that literally separates leaders who are average or even good from those who are extraordinary. By way of introduction, pay careful attention to the following passage from the renowned entrepreneur and leader, Richard Branson: “I believe in using and harnessing other people’s knowledge and experience, […]

Mmusi Maimane – National Spokesperson for the Democratic Alliance

A short while ago I watched a brief interview of a well presented, well-spoken individual who, for a moment, helped me to glimpse a future South Africa of which I would really like to be part. He painted a vivid and compelling picture that lifted my vision, but also seemed and felt within reach and […]

Models, Principles, and Behaviours
Three Mistakes CEOs Make

In a recent study by Keas, an employee health and wellness company based in San Francisco USA, where they interviewed over 100 HR professionals on various topics, one of the questions they asked was:  “In your experience, what are the top three Human Resource mistakes that every CEO makes?”  The response: 64% – CEOs don’t […]

Self-Made CEO – Wayne Samson, Ellies Holdings Ltd

Wayne Samson’s rise to the office of CEO of Ellies Holdings Ltd. is an interesting and noteworthy story.  It is so noteworthy in fact that we were contacted by a very persistent young man who was adamant that we needed to sit with Samson so that we could share Samson’s story in this forum. It […]

Characteristics, Attributes, and Qualities
Accelerating Leadership Confidence

A few weeks ago, Adriaan Groenewald and I were invited to a leadership discussion by the Human Resources Director of a large and prominent bank. As we sat together in his office, he asked the following question: “We have a large number of high potential young individuals sitting in middle management leadership positions who are […]

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