Are You The Leader We’ve Been Waiting For?

It’s evident we are experiencing a dilemma where leadership is concerned. New times call for new thinking, new leaders – even a new  quality of being and even a new intelligence – Power Intelligence. Power Intelligence is the conscious ability of mastering self and managing people, power/energy and potential, even on a DNA level, while securing success and progress that benefits all. This is the task of our new leaders – that means all of us.

The questions are: What will the leaders of the future look like? Who will they be? Where are they? When will they come forward and take their places? At the same time we are coming to realize that the concept of ‘leadership’ is changing. It really has little to do with ‘them’ – ‘the leaders’ … those people with power positions and/or possessions –Book Leadership DNA for many leaders abuse their power and positions. The time to redefine leadership is here and a New Leadership DNA is emerging.

From now on leadership will not necessarily have anything to do with your post, power, position or possessions. It will have everything to do with the quality of your being, your human-quality and how authentic and enlightened you are becoming in the process of everyday living. Leadership is becoming all about how bright you shine as an authentic person. Your position as a leader will now be determined by your brightness, the kind of mark you leave, the quality of the choices you make and the relevance of the imprint you are leaving on the fabric of life.

Today, many persons in leadership positions have power possessions but do not necessarily bring any lasting legacy to the progress of humanity. In an instant they’ll fade away as time speeds up. A new quality of person and new kind of Book - Power Intelligencepower is emerging – the power of authenticity, honesty, truth and integrity. Power Intelligence is emerging. Leadership is becoming all about the power of authenticity, truth and integrity.

Leadership has now also become the responsibility of everyone. Everyone needs to bring the authentic self as part, potential and purpose to the table. This calls for a new intelligence, as Power Intelligence, has come at the right time.

New Power Intelligence Leaders are already emerging from under the covers, out of the shadows and from hidden places to rise above negativity and help others to do the same, while overcoming low level energy and corruption. In the process people are learning to reclaim their power and utilize their full potential. Even a New Success DNA is emerging as we speak.Book - Success DNA

Are you one of these new emerging Power Intelligence Leaders. Everyone’s waiting for you to bring your potential as part of the puzzle to the table. At the same time everyone is invited and everyone’s contribution is important and necessary as everyone needs to make their mark. As we make our mark as authentic individuals – others will follow the markers we have erected. They will even surpass us and then put up their own markers of authenticity and accomplishment. We are now all becoming leaders as the pathfinders and mapmakers into a new future.

Others will follow by connecting the dots!

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