What Triggers Am I Sending Out?

All actions and reactions in life are triggered by some feeling, thought, desire, belief and choice. Triggers may arise from within us (our remembrances, thoughts, feelings). Triggers may arise from a multitude of sources from outside. Ultimately many triggers are at play in our daily life. It would probably be impossible to really trace the source of each of these triggers.

What we can learn to do is to discern the ‘spirit’ and the ‘taste’ and the ‘mindset’ that is associated with such triggers. This means that we can learn to discern whether an influence or spirit encourages us to positive feelings or presses us to negative perceptions.

Our inner self is equipped to discern the nature and direction of influences and we can ultimately refuse to obey certain spirits and embrace others.

The big accountability question is: What triggers am I sending out on a day to day basis?

Do the triggers I send out invariably encourage others to cling to hope in doing the right thing, or do my actions push others down the negative path to despair?

We may feel justified in our anger and intolerance, yet the triggers we send out ripple through the world and even into the eternities. That may sound somewhat dramatic, but do we really know the impact that our triggers may have on others, or are we so caught up in our own world that we do not really care what impact our triggers may be having on others, many others, for good or for bad?

The power of life lies in the spirits and influences triggered by feeling, thinking, desires, beliefs and choices.

What triggers are we sending out?





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