Universal Integration

One of the CEO’s we coached mentioned that he did not have, or has ever had a role model. His philosophy is that when he rubs shoulders with anyone, whether the cleaner, a child, a leader – he tries to learn from them or take something from them that he admires and then make it his own. [Truth is we inherently feel attracted to aspects that may surround us outwardly because of awarenesses that are already inside us.]

In profitable leadership we call it an attitude of universal integration. The term universal integration’ is designed to give meaning to the concept of actively assimilating all positive things in life’.

The spirit of profitable leadership is about actively associating, passionately embracing and [consciously becoming one with] universal laws, attributes, associations and resources that will enable us to be profitable.

It is another way of saying that the leader should embrace all excellence in life.

Nelson Mandela defaulted to a universal integration attitude. This is why he went out of his way to associate with and understand the Afrikaner prison guards during his many years in prison. This is why associations with individuals who may have symbolised opposing parties or views did not threaten him.

Universal integration is a universal attitude, as are positive aspirations and direction, as is to give structure to.

By its very nature any universal positive attribute automatically rejects that which is negative.

  • We cannot integrate with positive things in life and at the same time gamble with the assimilation of negative attributes or desires.[ The direction of each of these are completely opposite/ different from the other. It is so different that it is either the one or the other.] We need to learn to consciously differentiate between the positive and the negative. We have to choose. [The authentic path is one of constant awareness on this level and therefore conscious choice.]
  • A major reason why many people do not actively foster the attribute of universal integration is that they are very wary of negative integration. In other words, they are afraid that if they have a fearless attitude towards the assimilation of positive things, they may acquire dangerous negative attributes along the way. It is a bit like parents worrying about the friends their children associate with. Parents know that it is essential for their children to have friends, but at the same time they worry about the negative influences that may come with having friends.
  • We find that the majority of people are nice and pleasant, but wary of change and of growing personally because of their negative attitude towards assimilation (another word for growth). Despite our awareness of the dangers of negative associations it does not justify negativity on such a level that it denies us the privilege of universal integration!
  • All growth experiences in life, all break-through experiences in understanding are characterised by na attitude of universal integration.

Universal integration is to actively assimilate all positive things in life.

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