Transformational Entrepreneurial Leaders Needed

 To be truly successful in South Africa, and probably beyond, an individual must become a “Transformational Entrepreneurial Leader (TEL)”.


He/she must firstly become aware of the broader transformational process South Africa is currently undertaking – politically, economically, socially and even psychologically. He/she needs to have a passion for our national transformation imperative to transform into a productive and value based society. And, he/she must agree with its necessity from a philosophical point of view. This does not mean he/she must be a political animal and necessarily agree fully with some of the strategies being implemented, But, he/she must in essence agree that radical transformation in all sectors of our society must happen, and then proactively become part of the solution, rather than sit on the side-line and criticise.

Such a leader will also realise that transformation is not only a racial issue; it is much more than this.

It is an inclusive process where he/she will attempt to involve all South Africans, because he/she believes we have to learn from our history, to not exclude any grouping on this journey.

To arrive at this kind of mind-set or attitude is not an overnight incident, but requires that the leader will have endured and succeeded at a personal transformational journey. We can only really help to transform others and our society when we have transformed ourselves, and in fact continue transforming. To work on transforming the external environment before personal transformation has occurred, would mostly be counterproductive and often hypocritical.

Many of us lose sight of the process of personal transformation that a Nelson Mandela went through, mostly before he was released from prison. He did not just become the great leader he turned out to be before he was jailed at Robin Island. He worked very hard to become emotionally and mentally prepared for his iconic performance. This applies to all people that really make a difference in our society. We need to firstly focus on our personal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual fitness. This requires a daily commitment!


Our country is struggling economically, within a global community that is much the same if not worse in many parts of the world. A leader in SA has to acquire an entrepreneurial attitude – one of building, growing, being innovative, wanting to create jobs and through business ventures and resultant profits, allow the organisation and its people to become part of the solution. This is the pure intention of our current Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE). How it is implemented may be another debate. However, we need to empower black compatriots in order to address the past, without leaving behind, excluding or somehow demotivating those leaders in our economy that currently have access to resources and necessary know-how of how to successfully build solutions.



Ensure that you are continually transforming as a person and leader. Focus on developing your entrepreneurial capabilities on top of your transformational attitude. And ensure that you then go out and proactively facilitate or develop Transformational Entrepreneurial Leaders around you!


Bertie Lubner seems to be such a leader. Enjoy listening to our conversation with this remarkable individual. Listen here




Adriaan, as an accomplished author and leadership advisor, has been interviewing and working with top leaders for more than 15 years. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Leadership Platform. (Twitter: @AdriaanG_LP)

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