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Take A Leader, A Strategy And Add A Huge Dash Of Organizational Culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Peter Drucker “If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself.”  Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos.com “Culture can become a ‘secret weapon’ that makes extraordinary things happen.” John Katzenbach, Booz&Co “A strong, distinct Organisational Culture can improve organisational performance by 20% to […]

Q&A with Professor Robert Kaplan – Translating Strategy into Action

The BR Leadership Platform recently had a leadership conversation with renowned international business strategist and expert, Professor Robert Kaplan, who will be visiting South Africa next month. Kaplan is the Baker Foundation Professor at the Harvard Business School (HBS).  He joined the HBS faculty in 1984 after 16 years on the faculty of the business […]

Lessons from Brian Molefe, CEO Transnet

Brian Molefe has been at the helm of Transnet for sixteen months now. He embodies a wonderful success story of someone that moved from being an ordinary, active child, to leading an organization that is strategically placed to directly impact the economic success of a country with approximately 57 000 employees and a plan to spend […]

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